Duda Melzer Set Off On His Own Before Returning To The Firm That Has Strong Roots With His Family

Duda Melzer is a preeminent Brazilian businessman and entrepreneur who is known for holding the distinguished position of Chairman of the Board with Grupo RBS. The organization is one of the most successful conglomerates in the area of media in the Brazilian market. The organization consists of a number of entities within the television, newspaper, and radio realms. The Duda Melzer run company is also a major player in the area of online news. Beyond his work with Grupo RBS, Duda Melzer is also heavily involved in a company known as e.Bricks Digital and its affiliated firm that operates under the title of e.Bricks Ventures.

Duda Melzer comes from a family that has a distinguished history in the business sector within Brazil. Members of his family created RBS. He studied at Pontifical Catholic University where he attained a degree in the field of Business Administration. Beyond this, Duda holds an MBA that he obtained from his studies at Harvard.

According to eusoufamecos.net, though he has impressive connections to the business world through his family, Duda Melzer actually set off on his own at the start of his business career and landed in the United States. During this time, he worked with the Delphi company in the role of Senior Financial Analyst. He also served a stint as BoxTop Media’s Managing Director. Duda also obtained an impressive reputation for himself when he held a leadership position with the organization known as the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise.

A consistent theme in regard to the career of Duda Melzer has been his focus on business growth. He has also focused a significant amount of his efforts on finding ways to encourage sustainability. He routinely makes trips around the globe in order to help him to accomplish these core goals. This attitude has paid off well for RBS as Duda Melzer has helped the company to experience impressive growth over his tenure as its Chairman. This successful career has seen him as the recipient of a number of impressive accolades which include serving as the CEO with EB Capital. He is also a founding partner of the organization. To know more about Melzer you can visit terra.com


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