Entrepreneur Matthew Fleeger Explains How His Oil And Gas Company Survived The Great Recession

Matthew Fleeger has been a successful entrepreneur in the oil and gas industry through its ups and downs. This includes recent years in which there has been growing demand around the globe for alternative energy sources such as solar and wind. This changing landscape has forced most oil and gas firms to upend their existing business models and become more innovative. This includes keeping up with technological advances in the energy industry and dealing with the fluctuating demands of the market.

Being flexible is something that Matthew Fleeger is very good at. He is willing to make internal strategic changes to his company, Gulf Coast Western, when they will help his company prosper. He says that you need to either keep up with the times or your company simply won’t survive. Like most oil and gas firms, Gulf Coast Western has seen very challenging times over the past few decades but that has led to a company that is an industry model for growth.

His company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It explores for oil and gas reserves in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. When Matthew Fleeger sees a promising site he acquires it so that a production well can be built on it. It was the 2008 recession that he found especially challenging. He had to reinvent nearly every aspect of his company in order for it to survive. The goal wasn’t just to survive, though, but to help it grow and expand.

Matthew Fleeger developed new and innovative ways of his company to conduct its day-to-day operations that resulted in lower overhead costs. The saved money was used to invest in his company’s key personnel and to continue to explore for promising prospects. He focused on low-cost acquisitions and projects that were low-risk to put his company back on a steady footing.


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