Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman reflects on his two hobbies of fishing and golf

Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur who values the importance of having hobbies outside of the workplace. Some of his favorite hobbies include golf and fishing as he answered a short Q & A on his hobbies from Blogwebpedia. He is known as the co-founder and leader of a business company named NICE Global based out in Jamaica.

Herdman is also a family man who has two children. In the first question, the entrepreneur reflects that his love for fishing grew from a young age as he started the hobby at just 5 or 6 years old. He noticed early on that he was interested in fishing and even asked that his parents get him a fishing pole for Christmas. One of the reasons that he feels that both fishing and golf are vital to his overall being is that it helps him relieve stress and clear his mind from work.

A couple of times during the year he will plan some extensive golf trips that he finds to be quite fun. When it comes to competitiveness, Paul Herdsman stays clear of it as he finds golf just relaxing in general and for fishing it used to be competitive when others would challenge him in high school.

The individual reflects that many people don’t see how much preparation can go into fishing as setting up tournaments can take weeks. Herdman is not a part of many fishing tournaments nowadays but did it in the past. Some of the great things that he mentions about golf and fishing are that they can be done either alone or with company.

Although, he does find it enjoyable to go with his two daughters. He hopes to instill the values of patience and thinking outside of the box to his two daughters, which both hobbies can teach someone. The entrepreneur remembers one fond memory where his team won a fishing tournament in Florida, proud of the work that had been put in and it being worth something.

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