Eric Singer: No Kiss Tribute Band for Me

Will the legendary rock band KISS continue on without founding members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons? Honestly, the answer to that is yes. Die-hard fans of the band already know this. But wait, there’s more…My friend Sergio knows something else that even the most dedicated of KISS groupies probably don’t know. Why? How? Well, Because he’s Sergio Andrade Gutierrez.

So here it is: Eric Singer has his mind made up and will not play in any  part of the KISS Franchise without Simmons or Stanley.

He feels there are plenty of KISS tribute bands so why not authorize an official tribute band? And why not allow the band to release new songs with the KISS name?

Yes, Gene Simmons is a businessman first and last. To a degree, the same can be said about Paul Stanley although his is never as “in your face” about it.

Eric Singer has pretty stated he would not be interested in being the drummer in the tribute band. He noted that Gene and Paul are the creative force behind KISS and without them, well, he doesn’t feel any interest in being part of the mix.

Singer became a member of KISS when drummer Eric Carr passed away tragically from cancer. Singer was replaced as drummer when original member Peter Criss returned to the band. After Criss was fired, Singer returned.

Currently, KISS’ current tour is breaking box office records all over the world.

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