Gustavo Martinez Uses His World Travels To Create Some Of The Most Iconic Ads

World traveler and marketing consultant Gustavo Martinez brings a lot of skill, talent, and leadership skills to the table. That is how the advertising and marketing consultant has been able to have a long-lasting career that has spanned many decades. No matter how hard the challenge, Mr. Martinez delivers. He takes a workaholic approach to his career, putting in the time, energy, effort, and then some. Gustavo is not afraid of a challenge and especially in the leadership roles he embodies.


His resume is quite impressive, racking up some of the best jobs at the most famous agencies in the entire world. This includes working as Ogilvy and McCann’s president and was also the chief executive officer at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. Working at these companies get Mr. Martinez the opportunity to create some of the most iconic ads of his time. As a consultant, Gustavo uses his expertise to help companies flourish. He is an independent contractor of sorts. The marketing and advertising consultant brings his ideas to life with a great team backing him up. They work together in unison to create inspirational and iconic ads.


These creative agencies just don’t pluck anyone off the street to work for them; they hire the best. This may mean nearly sacrificing everything to find the best talent around. When the intense process ends, the work begins. Gustavo Martinez is a team leader, so it is his job to inspire, motivated, and uplift his team. He engages them, listens carefully, and acknowledges their ideas. This mutually respectful relationship creates real results, and is one of the reasons why Mr. Martinez has had such a long and successful career.


The advertising and marketing consultant earned a Doctor of Philosophy, a.k.a Ph.D, in economics from the Universitat de Barcelona. In addition to achieving this momentous goal, Gustavo earned a PDG at the University of Navarra’s IESE Business School in 2000. A solid education would be the foundation to Mr. Martinez’s career. He was born in Argentina, but moved to Spain in his youth. Gustavo would stay in Spain to his very day. He lives in Barcelona, where he works at his current job. The marketing consultant is taking a more entrepreneurial approach these days, working at U.V. Business Solutions.


Now the businessman has traveled the world. This has given him insight on how differently people think. This has indefinitely inspired his work. This worldly approach presents many perspectives, creating a more full look at life. The advertising and marketing consultant has traveled to Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the United States. In addition, Mr. Martinez picked up many languages along the way and is fluent in multiple. This includes English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.


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