Heather Parry Re-knocks Film Production

Heather Parry founded live Nation Production. She is hardworking, self-reliant, and confident. Parry is assertive and grasps every opportunity comes on her way. She has a pleasant personality. Working at MTV and Happy Madison she acquired extensive knowledge and skill that an entrepreneur needs to run her own production company.


She uses her skills, love for music to produce captivating movies. Her work is commendable and admired by other producers. Live Nation production has worked with a world-class star such as lady Gaga, Bad Boy Puff to mention the list. The excellent progress of live Nations is as the result of ambitious Parry to work in harmony with her CEO Michael Rapino. Parry’s ingenuity in her artwork has been the result of her tremendous success.


Parry has managed to create strong networking in her entire career. She has worked with superstars. At a tender age, early twenties she started working at MTV. Her versatility personality has enabled her to hold different project including The Week in Rock. She produced and directed a film starred by hip-hop star, 50 Cent called Get Rich or Die Trying. Also, she has filmed movies like The Longest Year, Twilight and 70s football flick. Her work at MTV is remarkable.

The documentary that was produced by her company has dramatically helped to shape the lives of millions. Parry is open-minded, she allows her director to use her artist work in production. Don Argott managed to twist the idea on The Earth of Death Metal film, and it finally outstands Lady Gaga and Bad Boy Puffy work. The film helped to convey the message on the increase rate of teen suicide in Utah in an impressive manner

Heather Parry is a diligent and conscientious lady who shows the commendable positive attitude that every young aspiring artist need.

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