Highland Capital Management And Its Highly-Detailed Organization Of Its Subsidiaries, Departments, And The Like – Here’s Exactly What Highland Funds Is, In Case You Were Wondering


If you live in, near, or ever go around the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington area in northeastern Texas, you’re probably familiar with Highland Capital Management. Whether you know all about the firm or have absolutely no familiarity with the financial services industry competitor, it’s time for a quick refresher about Highland Capital Management.

What Is Highland Capital Management?

Highland Capital Management was created by Mr. James “Jim” Dondero and Mr. Mark Okada in 1993. One thing that held the two like-minded partners back was the fact that they weren’t able to drum up much funding to initially kickstart their operations.

The company, thanks to none other than Dondero and Okada, caught its first big break by creating a proprietary software for tracking loan portfolios in an automatic, entirely computer-operated manner. Today, whether they use the current, most recently-updated loan portfolio tracking software from Highland Capital Management or seek out a substitute elsewhere on the business-use computer program market, one thing stays the same: the fact that most modern loan managers use the technology that Highland created to make their work much, much easier. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Anyways – put simply, that is – Highland Capital is a major alternative investment management firm.

Don’t Get Confused – Highland Funds Is an Entity of Its Own

Highland Capital Management’s two most important contributing figures – Jim Dondero and Mark Okada, of course; who else? – came up with Highland Funds, which is essentially a department within the greater warehouse that is Highland Capital Management. In actuality, to be most specific, Highland Funds is part of Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors; this second business is directly owned and operated by Highland Capital Management. Go To This Page for related information.

Highland Funds is simply the retail investment group of Highland Capital Management – it focuses on things like exchange-traded funds, open-ended mutual funds, and the like.


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