Honey Birdette changing sensuality in America

Australia’s first lingerie and sensuality boutique Honey Birdette and Eloise Monaghan have expansion in mind. Honey Birdette recently launched their American invasion with a dedicated e-commerce site after large gains in the market over the past twelve months. However, their plans do not end here; several brick and mortar stores are planned in the UK and options in the U.S. are currently under review.
Honey Birdette differs in the American market place through their service, culture, and atmosphere created in their retail locations. The “Honey’s” are there to empower women in their sensual relationships, and entertain with their own brand of theatre and glitz. Through the glossy black frames and display windows lies a boutique that definitely drives the imagination. With a glass of champagne in hand, you can find yourself at the in store “Pleasure Parlor.” With everything you have imagined and more from sensual oils and candles, to the blissfully playful and controlling. Every piece of luxury at Honey Birdette is designed in house, and ready to excite and enhance your sensuality and well-being.
For America, they created specific lines of lingerie with custom lace and satin designed exclusively for Honey Birdette. Each unique piece was designed to accent your assets and reveal some you may never have known you had. From the luxurious and sultry to playful and empowering, their line of lingerie and playful items is sure to have something for everyone.
Honey Birdette opened its first stores outside of Australia last year in London; and its success quickly led to two more locations opening in the UK. Currently Ten more openings are planned, with the announced goal of forty locations by the end of next year in the UK. In Australia, there are fifty-five locations operational, and future plans for Honey Birdette are targeting premium European locations as well as the U.S.

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