How Hussain Sajwani became the successful person we see today

To most people, success seems like an easy thing to come by but people who are as affluent as Hussain Sajwani will beg to differ because to them, their triumph has been as a result of years of determination, perseverance and smart work.

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most distinguished billionaires in the world, and one of the earliest pioneers of Dubai’s real estate through DAMAC properties. He began his journey to achieving this status in a middle-class home in Dubai, where he used to help his parents out in their day to day businesses. His hardworking nature extended even to his academic side gaining him a scholarship to study for his economics degree abroad.

Immediately after the completion of his undergraduate degree, Damac Owner, Hussain Sajwani was hired by Abu Dhabi Gas industries as a contract manager and worked for a while before resigning to establish his own business in the hospitality sector. Owing to his natural entrepreneurial skills and the experience he earned while at GASCO, Hussain Sajwani shepherded his catering business to success, and soon he was getting over 200 projects a day, and had notable institutions and facilities such as the US military as his clients.

Hussain ventures into real estates

During the late ’90s, the UAE allowed foreign investments, a factor that saw myriads of foreigner investors all over the world make their way to Dubai. Husain’s entrepreneurial instincts immediately kicked in, and he established a 38 stories luxury residential building which due to its unique features became sold out in the first few months.

Seeing its success, Hussain decided to venture in real estate full time and established Damac Properties in 2002. Since then, DAMAC Properties has completed over 20,000 real estate projects and a series of many famed projects such as the Tiger Woods golf course.

Hussain’s business ties with high profile leaders

His success has also brought him close to A-list individuals in the world such as Donald Trump. His relationship with Trump extends beyond the boundary of business, and the two families have incredibly close ties.


On top of all his success, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani still goes out of his way to make the lives of other people better through charity donations. For instance, last year, Hussain made an AED two million donation to an initiative aimed at offering clothes to a million kids who hail from poor backgrounds.

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