How Smita Shah Succeeds In Entrepreneurship

It’s not always easy to run your own business especially when you’re only in your mid-20’s but Smita Shah embraces challenges and adversity head-on. Of course, there are still many people wondering how she managed to get this far in her career in such a short period of time. That’s why she recently agreed to an interview where she talked about how she’s been able to attain so much success and where she hopes to go in the future of her career. When she was in high school, she first found out that she was in the minority both in terms of ethnicity and gender. This is why she was so determined to become the most successful person she could be because she knew about the distinct lack of representation among females in the math and sciences. Learn more:
Upon enrolling in college, she decided to go to Northwestern University and it quickly proved to be a good choice. This is due to the fact that she excelled in the majority of her courses and also discovered her love of engineering. This led to her finishing as one of the best students and being offered a scholarship to attend grad school at a university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. During her time there, she not only had to work on her thesis but she also relocated to DC for a bit so she could complete an internship working in the white house for one of their top advisors. After finishing her academic career, she went to work at SOM as one of their engineers.
She stayed with this business for a year before making the conscious decision to leave to start her own business before the turn of the century. Based out of Chicago, this new company would become known as Spaan Tech Inc. and she wasn’t all that sure the company would succeed initially. This is why she wasn’t that proactive in securing their future but nowadays she is much more careful about what kind of moves she makes with the company. She was cognizant of the fact that, if the company turned into a failure, she would be able to jump ship for another business but, if things panned out, she would have a remarkable story to share with young aspiring entrepreneurial girls who are looking to follow in her footsteps.
However, it hasn’t been a walk in the park as there are still some people who walk into their company who mistakenly think she’s merely one of the assistants despite being the current head honcho. But she decides to just shake it off as she continues to advocate for gender equality in the workplace. This includes reminding female professionals to help and support each other whenever they can in an effort to get ahead in their careers. One of the things the company tries to accomplish is working with local contractors to install new lighting in various fixtures such as airport runways, lighthouses, and the occasional emergency call box.

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