InnovaCare Health, Led By Dr. Rick Shinto Is Providing Cost-effective Medical Plans To Elderly People

In the current Healthcare industry, challenges of maintaining a healthy environment for patients are on the rise. With increasing insurance premiums for extended medical coverages, the patients are finding it difficult to cope with the already existing financial constraints in their lives. InnovaCare comes in as a silver lining for the customers seeking affordable medical plans that provide a comprehensive coverage of diverse illnesses.



Operating from Puerto Rico, they offer managed healthcare insurances and currently has 200,000 enrolled citizens who are assisted by a massive network of 7,500 service providers. With feasible healthcare plans, they are positively affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands by covering up their medical expenditures and providing excellent customer service/feedback options and ensures fast-paced resolution to any type of grievances.



The current CEO of InnovaCare Rick Shinto, M.D., has an experience in the healthcare industry for more than twenty years. He has a strong educational background that includes a Bachelor of Science from the University of California, Irvine followed by a medical degree from the University of New York and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Redlands. During his career, he worked at different firms, and before founding InnovaCare he was serving as the CEO of Aveta Inc. and played a crucial role in the management team. Recently, when InnovaCare reached its highest growth rate since its inception, Rick Shinto was recognized as the Entrepreneur of The Year by Ernst And Young due to his tremendous achievements in the Healthcare industry in the last two decades. Check out




Penelope Kokkinides is a board member and the COO of InnovaCare. For 15 long years, she has been striving to improve the healthcare industry by devising cost-effective medical plans. With an in-depth understanding of the Medicaid and Medicare schemes, she has been the driving force at InnovaCare. She earned her Bachelor of Science in the field of biological sciences from the Binghamton University. Later on, she did her masters in social studies from the New York University before she indulged in the healthcare industry. For more details visit Bloomberg.



The highly experienced duo is dedicated to make InnovaCare a choice for the people and has serious plans for expansion in the near future.



Recently, the board made two important additions to the company. The first addition being Jonathan Meyers, who will be serving as the Chief Actuary Officer of InnovaCare Inc. The second addition to the leadership is Mike Sortino, appointed with the role of the Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare. Both of these gentlemen specialize in their domain and brings vast experience of years to the company.


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