Is Miley Cyrus And Madonna Collaborating?

Miley Cyrus is known to be very controversial, and Madonna is no stranger to controversy either. It makes sense that both rebellious spirits would come together to make music, but is this the case? Miley & Madonna. There have been many posts from Madonna about Miley Cyrus, and many are wondering if the two are going to collaborate together or not. As of now, there is no solid evidence that either plan to collaborate with each other, but it’s something that fans of both artists will look forward to.

There was a studio visit between Madonna and Nicki Minaj, and there were many posts going out about Nicki Minaj from Madonna and vice versa. After all the posts went on for a matter of a month or so, then a song was dropped by Madonna, that had Nicki Minaj on it. Many are speculating that the same is going to happen with Miley Cyrus, since there is a lot of posting going on between the two artists. It’s well known that Madonna is the best at what she does, and anyone who works with her, would be very lucky to do so.

If these two artists decide to collaborate in the future, we’ll all find out, maybe sooner than later. This would be a pretty cool collab. They should try to get Tom Rothman to do a movie-concert for them like Katy Perry.

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