Jack Plotkin Is Leading The Health Industry To New And Exciting Breakthroughs


Jack Plotkin is the creator of population health/health care management platform for VirtualHealth, a tele-health industry leader. He currently serves as the company’s CTO and is an active advocate for furthering tele-health innovations to make receiving and monitoring patients easier and more effective. This method of patient care uses a combination of monitoring devices, combined with real time video conferencing to gather current health-related information, as well as patient health trends over the course of treatment. 

Jack Plotkin Puts His Vast Industry Experience To Use

Jack Plotkin is a healthcare industry veteran with a knack for staying on the cutting edge of emerging technology in the field. He is a graduate of Harvard University in 2000 and began working on Wall Street with healthcare companies after graduation. His experience working with those major Fortune 500 companies gave him the experience and insight to propel his own company to great success. His company, Virtual Health, is currently growing at a rapid pace, thanks in part to his hard work and determination. They are one of the top 40 fastest growing companies in the country right now and are poised to see rapid growth over the next several years.

New Options On The Horizon

New and exciting technological advancements are currently emerging through companies like Virtual Health, and industry leaders like Jack Plotkin are pushing for more integration with state programs such as Medicaid and Medicare to help keep individuals healthy and improve overall care. Right now, this new technology can monitor patient functions such as vitals, bathroom habits, and can even monitor those who are on a care plan to ensure they are responding well and sticking to the prescribed routine. As new options emerge, he feels that more people can benefit by helping prevent developing and chronic conditions before they become life-threatening or debilitating. 


Jack Plotkin is devoted to expanding the concept of healthcare technology and is an advocate for faster integration of available tele-health options. He hopes to make his mark on the healthcare industry by offering people better options to treat or prevent health problems more effectively than current traditional measures.

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