JD.Com Launches Running Chicken Farms To Help Local Farmers

JD.com is one of the most successful online businesses. In the year 2016, JD.com decided to revolutionize the entire industry. It came up with the new ideas that will not only improve the lives of underprivileged people in the society but also help it compete favorably. It actually started the Running Chicken initiative.

JD.com established a chicken farm in one of the economically disadvantaged counties in the well known Hebei Province. Besides offering quality meat to the customers, the chicken farm also helped reduce poverty in the poorest regions in the country. The chicken farm, whose size is approximately 27-hectare, proves that JD.com is committed not only to give back to society but also to provide top quality meat to people from all corners of the world.

JD.com offers interest-free loans to interested farmers. This has helped many families within the region earn a significant amount of money. This has helped them improve their quality of life and also reduce poverty in Wuyi County. The company has hired professionals to help handle complicated matters within the farm. Local farms around the farm enjoy part-time jobs such as growing vegetables, grain, and fruits for the chicken and maintaining farms.

One of the reasons why Running Farms became successful despite the steep competition with the industry is that it is focused on providing ethical as well as a healthier choice for the clients. This is unlike in many other farms that keep their chicken in windowless sheds. The good thing with free-roaming chickens is that they spend a significant percentage of their time outdoors. This does not only provide them with time to interact with other chickens but also enough time to exercise.

According to research, meat from free-range chickens has lower levels of cholesterol, saturated fats, and a high amount of omega-3 acids, Vitamins, and beta-carotene. Here, the chicken is fitted with a special instrument known as the Pedometer. This ensures that the chicken makes about a million steps in the course of the rearing process. The company applies the blockchain technology for better quality assurance as well as traceability.

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