Jeff Yastine’s Leaking Kennedy Accounts

We all need someone to look out for us with all the get rich schemes going on out there. So, this where the individual we are here to learn about comes into place. The individual that I am referring to is Jeff Yastine. Jeff was nominated for an Emmy for financial investigative reporting. Jeff Yastine is a financial journalist who has made a career speaking with very powerful individuals. Some of these individuals are names that you may recognize or may not depending on the circles you follow when it comes to economic relations. Jeff Yastine has had a chance to speak with Warren Buffet multiple times, Steve Forbes, CEO Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines and Michael Dell the CEO of Dell Computers. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Talk Markets.

Jeff became very famous for his video about John F. Kennedy the ‘Kennedy Accounts’ where Jeff reveals how Kennedy had a goal to get America moving forward from the struggling American economy. During this time Kennedy was running for election the unemployment rate was climbing and the stock market dropped by 13%. So since Kennedy was the son of SEC chairman, he knew how important the stock market was so he needed to get the Main Street Americans to begin to start to invest. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more. So in the early 1960’s Kennedy started a program that would help mostly the struggling American economy by funneling billion dollars into American companies to get America moving forward again where it would benefit not only the companies but also Main Street investors. These results are known as what Jeff Yastine refers to the Kennedy Accounts. What Jeff has found in his investigation is that a 26-year-old postal worker by the name of Samuel Murphy found a way to turn $45 into a $60,000 payout. Here is another example an IRS agent named Denise Wilks took $1,841 and with her investment it blew up into a nice return of $10 million. Wow now this changes everything! So with the research and investigations Jeff and his team concluded that the Kennedy Accounts are real as anything else but Wall Street goes out of the way to conceal this from the public because apparently you do not need a stock broker to buy stock directly from a company by doing this you buy directly from the company and cutting out the middle man and Wall Street does not get a piece of the pie.


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