Jingdong Becomes Lifestyle Brand With New Partnerships

Jingdong is marketing their new membership program as apart of their initiative to become a lifestyle brand. The company has been around for many years and this is well known. Their popularity is major in China and because of this, they are launching a new membership that bundles their services plus products and services from other companies. Essentially, this membership is a lifestyle membership that offers many things to those that enroll as a paying member.

Millennials are becoming the core customer for JD.com. Therefore, the company his having to alter their business to meet the need of this new set of customers. Millennials enjoy being apart of memberships. They like getting special offers and knowing they are apart of an exclusive community. JD.com has learned the shopping habits of this group and they believe their membership program embodies everything the millennial shopper wants in a lifestyle brand.

JD Plus is this new lifestyle membership started by Jingdong. Members are able to get better perks by being a member. Some of the lifestyle brands that members will have access to include Sam’s Club, iQIYI, and Zhihu. All of these different companies are working together to hopefully grasp the attention of the millennial shopper. By being a member, more shopping opportunities at a better price are going to be given to the members. Healthcare options, restaurants, vacations, hotels, resorts and retail stores are included as options in this program.

Jingdong has an extensive number of hotels and resorts. They are leaders in the hospitality and vacation industry. They understand travel planning. They understand that customers want to be able to be apart of a program that meets all of their needs. This program runs lucrative to members because it offers such great discounts and perks that one could not get without being a member. This membership will fuel popularity amongst millennial shoppers in China who may or may not already be customers of Jingdong. The program has recently started and is already having great success. Ten million people have already joined this membership and this number is expected to only increase.

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