Lacey and Larkin Agree with Trump’s Reputation

Everyone calls President Donald Trump a moron. It’s his number one nickname. Usually, only someone’s opponents call them bad names, but everyone calls Trump a moron. It’s almost to the point of bullying, but it’s the best description of his leadership skills and overall intelligence.

It’s sad to think of him as President, but that’s the world right now. The nation is constantly fighting back violent acts and domestic terrorism. It’s a sad fact that today’s society is riddled with hatred. Many minority groups are attacked on a daily basis, and no one’s protecting them.

Just a few years ago, the world wasn’t so bad. It had its problems, but people weren’t suffering to such a degree. These days, the United States is torn in half and both sides are suffering. People probably wouldn’t hate Trump so much if he was trying to do something important.

Recently, he did something else that pissed people off. He pardoned Joe Arpaio of all crimes. Joe Arpaio is the worst human being on the planet because he actually had the authority to torture people. He systematically persecuted and abused anyone who didn’t agree with him; especially Latinos.

Joe Arpaio reigned over Maricopa County for 24 years. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin brought him down in 2007. It started when their newspaper Phoenix New Times exposed a little of what Arpaio was doing. At the time, Arpaio was used to silencing his critics with one or two displays of force.

After warning them, Lacey and Larkin realized that Arpaio was worse than anyone knew. They launched a full investigation into his activities. Before long, New Times exposed all of Arpaio’s dirty secrets. At first, people didn’t really care. Much of Arizona was used to hearing about someone abusing Latinos.

Despite the lack of consequence, Arpaio still wanted Lacey and Larkin to stop reporting his activities. That October, he had them arrested and personally interrogated them. That event cost him his job and freedom. He was arrested and charged with criminal contempt, of which he was convicted. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The nation rejoiced in his incarceration, but it would not last. Weeks before being sentenced, Arpaio was pardoned of his crimes. President Trump pardoned Arpaio because Arpaio supported his early claims that former President Obama’s birth certificate was fake. Since then, Arpaio and Trump have been friends, and Trump didn’t want his friend going to prison.

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