Lime Crime’s New Products For Brunettes and Dark-Haired Ladies

Lime Crime released a statement indicating that they are introducing at least four new shaded to add to their Unicorn Hair Collection. One thing to note about this new additions is that they are going to be darker compared to the previous brands.The previous brands were somewhat bright as bright can be, but these new four brands are amazing in their own way.

The new colors are Sea Witch, an (evil) mermaid’s tail green; Charcoal (a dusty gray); Squid) a spooky purple); and Chestnut (a deep maroon). There is a reason why Lime Crime decided to release these shades, they are all full-coverage. The colors chosen wasn’t a mistake either, they were perfectly designed.

In one of their social media networks, Pinterest to be specific, the company posted that these dyes are highly recommended for darker-haired or brunette ladies with dreams of representing Team Unicorn.

The shades are set to be released officially on the 24th of October this year (2017). The good news is the shades are available for people to see before they are released officially. To be honest, it’s always important to know what to expect so that you can prepare yourself early.

There are many reasons why you should think about investing in these new shades. What makes the brand competitive and worth buying their products is because they are 100 percent vegan friendly.

Lime Crime products are certified and approved by both PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program. The Leaping Bunny program is well internationally for protecting animals. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the newly manufactured cosmetics products are not tested on animals. PETA is also responsible for protecting animal cruelty.

The new products are no exception. You can be certain that they will also be 100 percent vegan friendly. The brand doesn’t use any animal ingredients or byproducts like carmine, whey, lanolin and beeswax to produce their products. In addition, the cosmetics ingredients and products used are not tested on animals.

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