Luke Lazarus Helps Build Successful IPO Businesses

 Luke Lazarus from Melbourne Australia started his own business at 8 years old. In high school, he maintained a straight A average, and he participated in many different sports.

Despite many offers for scholarships, he earned his MBA at Melbourne Business School. He created four successful companies that lead to financial independence by 35.

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He decided to use his talents to help other startup businesses succeed. He became a business consultantant that focuses on business systems, analysis, and connection to share holders and the customers. Luke Lazarus has helped many companies go from struggling to successful. He is known for giving candid advice. He says to be brutally realistic in the business world is a necessity.

He thinks most businesses have talented staff but they lack basic business skills in finance, brand marketing, and the skills to run a successful business on a daily basis.

He help new businesses find angel investors and venture capitalists to fund their business or startup. Many owners do not really know how venture capital works. A business needs sufficient capital to grow.

Luke sells the idea of the company brand by making sales presentation to investors. He say that when you cannot interest an investor in 30 seconds, most times the deal is lost. He helps businesses develop emotional connections to their customers.

A company that build decks connects to customers with a marketing message about spending more time with family and friends outdoors.

On Medium he has blogs with advice for companies on a budget for marketing. Promote the business by word of mouth by telling family, friends, clubs and association about the business and the reason it was started. Engage local customers by posting photos on social media or the company website. Try to support local sports teams or non-profit organizations.

Establish a niche with content marketing with blogs, webinars, or podcasts about the product or services that the company offers.

Create an online presence with a website and social media like Facebook and YouTube. Use coupons in the newspaper, flyers, and on the Internet to entice customers to buy the products or use the service sold.

He say building a market data base in essential. Many businesses fail because they market to the wrong customers. When researching ideas for a business, try to find a fast growing industry and come up with a business idea that fills a need.

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Develop a business plan and stake a claim. He has many businesses article on Medium about marketing, promotion, successful companies, and blogs.

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