Matt Badiali Lets Subscribers Know About Master Limited Partnerships

Matt Badiali is a former geologist turned professional investor. Because of his background in the earth sciences, and geology in particular, combined with his knowledge of markets, finances, and companies, he specializes in natural resources investing. He offers two advisory services through Banyan Hill Publishing. These are Matt Badiali’s Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits by Matt Badiali.

In order to get the real skinny on investing opportunities, Matt Badiali says that he is often on the move globally. He says that when it comes to investing in natural resources you can’t expect to sit in an office all day if you want the real picture of what is going on. He’s been to various nations such as Haiti, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, and Switzerland among them. He said he has personally gone to many mines and oil wells over the years where he has analyzed his own geologic data. He has also grilled chief executive officers of businesses in the natural resources industry.

As an expert in the industry, he says that he thinks the world is on the cusp of a massive change in how we consume energy, likening it to when the world went from whale oil to kerosene which was a game changer. He says it is when tech researchers come up with a battery that can supply an entire municipality that the world will be run on electricity.

Matt Badiali has started to let people in on a secret in the world of investing which he says those on Wall Street don’t want people to know about. He calls them “Freedom Checks” because investing in them is a way to gain financial freedom. He says there are 568 companies that issue these checks to their investors. Companies that can issue these checks have to meet a couple of caveats such as issuing 80% of their profits to shareholders each year. Read this article at

What he is talking about are Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Most of these are in the business of operating oil and gas pipelines. However, any company that works as a pass-through business can be considered an MLP, such as Blackstone which is a banking group. He shows his subscribers which particular companies they should invest their money in based on a number of factors. Investors can make stunning returns when MLPs pay out huge dividends of 10% or more, he says.


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