Michel Terpin Biography

When it comes to Race Car Drivers there is a constant influx of ever changing drivers, what was once upon a time a small hobby between cart riders is now a multi-billion dollar sport worldwide. One of these well known drivers throughout the world is Michel Terpin of the Terpin Brothers. The largest rally race car driver in the country of Brazil. Rally car racing is one of the most dangerous sports in the racing world which compromises not only the vehicles but the lives of the drivers. The concept of danger widely adds to the excitement of this category of sport.

Michel Terpin was born in Sao Paulo in the year 1979, his older brother Rodrigo Terpin who is a race driver himself helped shape Michel into the man with the love for speed we know today. Michel began with roots from a family already deep in the race car driving culture, Michel’s father Jack Terpin who was a famous basketball player planted the funding for any passion the Terpin brothers wanted to pursue helping the brothers to explore the profession they are so famous for today.

Michel Terpin unlike his brother started his passion in Motorcycles in 2002 registered in the Prestigious Sertoes Rally as a competitor, later moving onto cars by 2004 performing as a navigator for his brother Rodrigo and then branching out on his own within the following years. Michel did not team up with his brother Rodrigo professionally as a fellow driver until 2015 calling themselves The Bull Setoes, where they met a few hurdles before Michel held the championship in Brazil for category Prototype T1. Michel currently drives the T-Rex Machine a high tech modern model car designed by MEM Motorsport. This car has been modified by the Tree Planting Program to be an ecologically friendly car fully equipped with a V8 and carbon free seals. Showing not only a love for his sport, but also a love for the welfare of the planet also. All in all it is understood why Michel Terpin and Rodrigo are both highly respected brothers in the Motorsports World.

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