Nick Vertucci offers Tips on Real Estate Investing in His New Book.

Nick Vertucci is the founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate and also a real estate academy. He is a man who hails from a humble background but with sheer determination and commitment he worked his way up the financial ladder.

His journey to success was not a smooth ride as it was packed with a lot of setbacks, including losing all his money in the internet bubble in the early 2000 and worsened when he had to sell his house to settle debts. He would later find his compass back to success in the real estate business and since then his situation and financial status have gone from good to best.

Nick is one of those investors who has had the better of two financial statuses; he was once totally broke and now he is a wealthy real estate mogul. His experience has inspired him to write a book to guide and offer insight into matters real estate. Nick’s new book is called Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. Quite a catchy title there; and the content is even more memorable as Nick shares his principles and experience in the business of real estate.

Lessons from his Book.

In his book, Nick Vertucci offers insight on how one can transform his/her status from a middle-class investor to a millionaire investor. He stresses that it is very difficult or even practically impossible to become rich without taking some risks. In the book he explains in details why playing safe will never get you to the millionaire club. He says that the blueprint of his fortune is learning from his mistakes and adopting new methods to correct the damage made to his career and finances.

The book offers lessons that Nick Vertucci applied in real life when he was hit hard and all his cash swept away. He says that an important aspect of achieving is having the ability to go beyond your investing fears and changing mindset to pursue your goals and dreams. In the book, he also says that it is very possible for an investor to set a goal and achieve then relax and lose more opportunities. In that case, he advises entrepreneurs to set new targets every time they achieve a set goal. This will make them not lose sight of their final destination. He says that the most important aspect of a business is to have a customer-oriented service rather than a self-service system.

His book and the lessons contained in it have been echoed by Kevin Harrington, an American successful entrepreneur who was among the original sharks in the popular shark tank television program.

More about Nick Vertucci

He is the CEO of Nick Real Estate Academy which has locations in Nevada and California among other states in the US. His academy has become the best sought after for real estate advice and education. Nick continues to share and teach people with a similar interest how to excel.

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