Nicki Profits From Pain

Nicki Minaj is has been very devious this year. She has become the new sex symbol with a host of singles and dirty talk that would make rappers blush. That is why the “PinkPrint” may be a bit of a surprise to many. It stills has the potent punchlines and sex talk that fans are used to, but this album brings out another side of Nicki Minaj. This may be the first album where she has talked about her pain.

Fans appreciate this look inside her diary. Sam Tabar learned quite a bit. On Crunchbase, she received some quality praise as well. It was obvious that Nicki was taking the album in a very different direction when she released “Bed of Lies” featuring Skylar Grey. This track was personal, and that may be why she released it so close to the release of the full album. To go from “Anaconda” to “Bed of Lies” is a big extreme, but Nicki manages to pull it off well.

The critics are chiming in, and it apparently pays for Nicki to get personal. Nicki speaks on a child that she lost as well as a cousin that was murdered. No one expected all of these demons to hunt someone that has presented nothing but confidence in the rap world.

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