Nicolas Krafft and L’Oreal

Nicolas Krafft was born in Switzerland and studied accounting and finance at the University of St. Gallen. This school is internationally known to be the most prestigious and recognized school for business in Europe. After earning his degree there, Krafft went on to study in Canada and Asia. This is where he learned valuable skills in business marketing, sales, distribution, and making tough decisions for the company in general. It showed him how to prioritize his time and it really put his skills to the test! One of the biggest challenges was learning from his mistakes and trying new things to work. Nicolas Krafft then managed to move back to Paris and was then named the Deputy General Manager for the whole Eastern Europe Zone in 2009.

Through all of his success and hard work, Nicolas Krafft is now publicly in charge of a new digital brand, Pulp Riot. Now as the International General Manager, he is in charge of setting up distribution and organizing markets around the world. Along with this job title, Krafft also creates go-to-market strategies which are critical for the growth of this new brand. Before starting Pulp Riot, he started his career with L’Oreal as a marketing and sales executive and stayed with them for over a decade. During this time, L’Oreal quickly rose to the top and became a worldwide popular brand for cosmetics spread across three major continents and growing. In 2014, Krafft has been named the Vice President of Global Business Development for L’Oreal in New York City.

On another note, Nicolas Krafft has been constantly growing business, sales, working hard, and loves what he does on a daily basis. He continues to grow his knowledge through his work and skills. Through all of his success and hard work over the years, he loves spending time with family and planning activities to do outdoors. He loves to travel, experience new things, and learn about different Asian cultures. Krafft states he is ready and excited for what’s to come in the future, especially when moving forward with a newly branded digital business. He is confident everyone will love it!

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