Maarten De Jeu Understands The Secrets That Today’s International Business Community Needs To Understand:

Committing to quality is one of the top priorities that must be held by every international business owner who wants to achieve a consistent level of success in their ventures. Producing a quality product over offering a quality service is the way that businesses make their first impressions on customers and that first impression is all-important in terms of getting repeat business. This is a major point that is emphasized by Maarten de Jue. He is the founder of SVM Business Advisory and a highly sought after individual in the world of international business advisement services. Maarten places major importance on counseling international business owners on the importance of committing to quality in whatever their business does. This fact becomes even more important when one is working toward success on the international level. Maarten de Jeu also points out that when businesses let their quality slide, other factors, including profitability can slide quickly as well. This is just one of several success suggestions that were recently put forward for Maarten de Jeu to the international business ownership community. Learn more:


Commitment to quality is of massive importance for the international business ownership community but another point of significant importance is the ability to respect the differences that one will encounter in working on an international level. Maarten de Jeu reminds international business owners of the fact that they will experience many differences in global business such as language and cultural differences. Having respect for these differences is essential in succeeding at winning over customers and building strong partnerships that can help a business to grow.


Engaging in meaningful market research and coming to a deep understanding of market conditions is another major point that is brought forward by Maarten de Jeu. He points out that international business owners must have a strong understanding of market demands to know whether or not it is wise to move a business into a particular geographic area. When business owners fail to do this, the consequences can mean going into a new market and subsequently failing. This is why correct and diligent market research is such a critical factor for the international business sector. 


Maarten de Jeu is one of the most revered and knowledgeable international strategy advisement professionals currently active. He has provided these services to some of the top international companies in the world and has helped them to achieve consistent success. His educational background includes the University of Leiden as well as the University of Oxford. At the latter, he achieved the rank of Executive MBA and finished as the top student in his class. He has used this outstanding education to help him in his professional pursuits over the years.

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VJ Eswaran Offers Sage Advice on Gig Economy at World Economic Forum

There is much buzz these days about the emerging “gig economy.” That refers to the kind of jobs that people take on in their spare time, or as a supplement to their regular jobs – although some people are employed full time in gig economy work.

Gig economy jobs are characterized by being temporary, handled by freelancers and those who don’t like the idea of holding down a traditional 9 to 5 job where they have to be physically present in a cubical Monday through Friday.

Examples of a gig economy job might be driving for Uber or earning some extra cash by renting a room in your home via Airbnb. But millions of gig jobs are accessed online. For example, a freelance writer can accept one-off assignments writing SEO articles or authoring longer manuscripts or technical documents for a variety of clients.

International businessman and founder of QI Group, VJ Eswaran is keenly interested in the implications of the gig economy. He points out that the gig economy is especially attractive to millennials. That’s critically important because millennials are expected to comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025.

Speaking recently at the World Economic Forum, VJ Eswaran reminds his fellow business owners that half of the jobs available today will become obsolete in just a few short years thanks to AI and automation. It’s already happening at a rapid rate, Mr. Eswaran said.

VJ Eswaran said that both governments and private businesses must be deeply concerned about the consequences of giving over millions of jobs to machines while real people find themselves adrift in the Brave New World of automation.

But he believes at least part of the answer is the gig economy. VJ Eswaran said people need work — and not just to earn money. They need something to shape their lives and give them focus and meaning every day. Working gig jobs can do that – but challenges remain. For example, gig jobs still don’t pay as well as traditional jobs or provide benefits like health insurance and retirement plans.

These are the kinds of issues business leaders must confront with a sense of urgency, VJ Eswaran said.

Talkspace CEO Oren Frank Is Calling for Extensive Awareness of Mental Health

More people are falling prey to the symptoms of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. We think that it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that we are in the midst of a mental health crisis. That is something that Oren Frank, CEO of Talkspace, is in line with his mindset.

Almost a quarter of the global adult population suffers from some mental illness. Half of them don’t reach out for help due to issues such as stigma or the accessibility to affordable healthcare. According to Oren Frank, this current state of affairs with mental health calls for immediate attention by mental health professionals.

He thinks that those with the power to make required changes that focus on awareness and treatment methods should focus on it. For more information, be sure to follow Oren Frank on social media including his Twitter page.

Why is Oren Frank Calling for Attention to the Issue?

He is one to lead the operations of the digital therapy app since 2012. Oren Frank has not only worked with various mental health professionals but also observed the outreach behaviors of those who need help with mental illnesses.

Through this experience, Frank has been able to notice that a single aspect does not merely define mental health or the problems that affect it. Instead, the issue remains complicated to the point where it stems out of an array of factors. This view is not exclusive to the entrepreneur. It is also the perspective and deduction that is held by various behavioral health professionals.

Oren Frank pointed out the lack of accessibility as one of the biggest issues which keep people from reaching out for help. Even those in the vicinity of a healthcare professional are unable to get the treatment they need due to having no or inadequate insurance plans. This could only be solved if people have the means to afford the care they need.


Fortress Investment Group: How The Financial Firm Succeeded

The Fortress Investment Group is an American financial company that focuses on investments. The company was founded in 1998 by three entrepreneurs who envisioned a profitable future. They thought that establishing a company that will focus on investing would make them more money, and after founding the Fortress Investment Group, they realized that they made the right choice in starting their own business. Today, the Fortress Investment Group is valued at $70 billion, and the number of their clients continues to rise. The Fortress Investment Group is also the first private equity firm in the United States to be traded to the public.

Right after the establishment of the company in 1998, the founders thought of ideas on how they can increase their profit. They looked for investors and other clients, and as they manage their assets, they have seen a spike in their performance. Many people were informed about how good the company is in handling assets and other investments, and as a result, more people entrusted their wealth to the Fortress Investment Group. Years later, their investments have grown, thanks to the rising economy and the increase in share prices where Fortress Investment Group has invested. In 2007, the founders of the company decided to offer the Fortress Investment Group to the public, and they made their debut at the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), where more than $600 million was traded to the public or almost 8% of the company’s total value back then.

During the recession in 2008 to 2009, the Fortress Investment Group experienced several difficulties because of the challenge posed by the crashing economy of the United States. The founders had to think about a solution or face bankruptcy that would create more debts for the company. What the Fortress Investment Group did is to expand the services that they are offering their clients, and they managed to get through the recession. They also provided lending money to those who wanted financial assistance, and it was brought to test when the 2010 Vancouver Olympics took place. The organizers of the event worked with a local financing firm in Vancouver to build the Olympic village. However, they backed out midway into the project. The organizers of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics contacted the Fortress Investment Group instead, and they agreed to help build their project. In the end, the structure was completed on time, and the facility was turned over to the Fortress Investment Group.

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Overview of Colbeck Capital Management

Colbeck Capital Management is a financial services firm based in New York City. The company specializes in providing secured strategic corporate loans. It focuses on investing in the credit markets and private equity. Colbeck Capital Management strives to provide clients with risk adjusted returns on everything they invest in. This firm also focuses on forming partnerships with entrepreneurs, management and equity sponsors to create unique solutions that allow them to fulfill capital requirements.

The firm provides strategic capital that is structured to meet a number of specific objectives in corporate finance for many companies. There are a number of services that it provides in order to help its clients reach their unique financial objectives. These services have proven to allow clients to obtain financing and better manage their credit.

With Colbeck Capital Management, clients are able to take advantage of senior secured loans which are offered as either cash based, provide cash flow or enterprise value. The firm also offers a second lien which offers structured equity financing. With Colbeck Capital Management, clients are able to get credit through short or long dated maturities. Clients can also take advantage of options such as debtor in possession and exit financing as well.

Colbeck Capital Management is able to help clients by providing solutions to help them overcome potentially difficult financial situations. The firm helps clients address financial matters that need to be resolved on tight timeframes and ones that are of high complexity. It also provides multi constituent restructurings and management buyouts. At Colbeck Capital Management, clients are also able to get cash and PIK interest as well as getting assistance with managing non traditional assets.

Like a lot of other financial services firms, Colbeck Capital Management has a team of professionals and executives that run the daily operations. The firm has two managing partners who are in charge of providing the overall administration of the firm. Along with the managing partners, Colbeck Capital Management also has a Chief Operating Officer who is in charge of providing the daily management of the company and its staff of employees.

There is also a chief financial officer who is responsible for overseeing all of the financial aspects of the firm. The firm also has a few vice presidents who are in charge of managing specific divisions of the firm as well as a principal who is responsible for overseeing all of the legal aspects of the firm as well. In terms of managing the technological aspects of the firm there is a chief technology officer. All of these professionals have worked together to build Colbeck Capital Management and make it into the efficient firm that it is today.

With the services offered by Colbeck Captial Management a number of businesses and institutional investor clients have been able to address many financial issues more effectively. Over the years, Colbeck Capital Management has provided these clients with valuable assistance that has helped them use credit to manage their assets as well as improve their financial situations.

Toyo Setal Practices

In 2012, Toyo Setal was founded when a Brazilian company SOG Oil and Gas and a Japanese company Toyo Setal Engineering Corporation formed the company. Both companies develop complex engineering projects in Brazil. The companies hold an equal interest in the company and use it to enhance their technologies.

The complex projects they have done for well-known clients include national and global markets. The goal of the cooperation is to create growth in the industry and the local economy. TSPI is now made up of Toyo Engineering, SOG Oil and Gas, Toyo Setal and EBR.

The companies created with the association has different roles. Toyo Setal is purely focused on industrial facilities onshore. It mainly works within the engineering, construction, commissioning and procurement industries. EBR is purely focused on offshore facilities for prospecting, exploration, production, treatment and transport of oil and gas. The industries that the company is active in are oil and gas, infrastructure, energy, mining, steel, chemistry, petrochemicals and fertilizers.

Toyo Setal can complete complex projects within the national and international levels do to the experience the company has. There are many services the company provides during its complex industrial facility projects. There are many aspects of a project from technical-economic feasibility studies to total investment cost, from a conceptual project to executive project and from enterprise management to staff training for maintenance and operation. They provide municipalities with respect, support and development of the local environment and community.

Toyo Setal has been a leading company in the Brazilian marketplace by handling the projects using top of the line software. To compete with the international and national competition, they have to keep innovating. Their newest innovation is called the EPC Portal and is used on all of their projects. The EPC Portal manages information by sorting all aspects of the projects within one platform. By limiting the time taken to find information and redoing work, it increases productivity. This allows for a reliable executive and management process.

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How Marc Beer Achieved Success

Many people out there understand how difficult it can be to make it in the business industry but no one has realized this more than Marc Beer. The 48-year-old businessman, entrepreneur, and father
of three recently sat down to discuss how he has become such a huge success throughout his three-decade career. As a freshman at Miami University, he quickly developed an affinity for business
which is what he decided to major in. After graduating in 1987 with a bachelor of science in business degree, he ended up accepting a job offer as a member of the sales department at a business called Abbott. This went on for over half a decade before receiving an offer to become a corporate officer at a business known as Biostar Inc where he worked for two years.
After leaving the role, he decided to work for Genzyme as their new vice president of global marketing. After four years of serving in this position, he finally realized he was ready to successfully run his own company which first opened in May of 2000. Based out of Cambridge, the company is committed to uncovering as many vaccines and cures as they can possibly find by examining the stem cells from umbilical cords. They search these cells for various biomarkers to see if there are any medical breakthroughs in there.

They went public in 2005 before selling off the company two years later but at one point they had upwards of 500 employees. After the sale had been finalized, he was all set to move on to his next business endeavor but, before he was able to, his wife passed on due to a pulmonary embolism. Once the mourning period concluded, he took on a more central position in the lives of his children, driving them to and from school and helping them out with homework as per necessary. Pretty soon, however, his daughter convinced him that he needed to return to the business world and resume helping people.

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As such, he became the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Renovia in August of 2016. Based out of Boston, the company is dedicated to developing medical products for patients in need and delivering it to
them so they can treat their conditions. He then provided advice to future entrepreneurs. He told them to always follows their dreams, focus on giving back to those in need and always put
the needs of the company before anything else. Pelvic floor disorders affect a significant portion of the female population which is exactly why they are currently working on developing a treatment
for them. They are particularly proud of the grant they received which is $42 million.

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The OSI Group to do the ‘Impossible’ and Manufacture Non-Meat Burgers

A significant number of consumers are moving away from the beef patties in their burgers to something made of plants. The search for an alternative comes from people who want to move away from consuming meat entirely and those concerned with the future of the environment. Impossible Foods has risen quickly to the top of this niche market, but in order to produce as much as the demand calls for they’ll have to rely on the OSI Group for help.

Otto Kolschowsky left Germany for Oak Park, Illinois. Along with his family, he started a small butcher business in 1909. Otto & Sons was a known quantity in the area by 1955, that’s how they came to the attention of McDonald’s. They remained the business’s sole meat supplier for decades, and as a result they grew into the international corporation known as the OSI Group.

Both companies are aware that consumers are apprehensive to change, but the Impossible Burger is doing something for the food industry and people are responding. There are a few reasons to explain popularity.

After debuting three years ago, the Impossible Burger was updated to meet several design standards. Firstly, this all plant Patty had to come close to looking, feeling, and tasting as though it were made of beef. They made that possible, making this product more appealing to people other than vegetarians and vegans.

Next, the Impossible Burger needed to be nutritious. Impossible Foods wanted to match the calorie count, fat content, and grams of protein found in a typical beef patty. What they round up with was a patty that had less fat, fewer calories, and much more protein. Compare the impossible Burger to a beef patty, the plant-based option is the more nutritious one.

Finally, there are environmental concerns. Processing livestock to get ground beef means spending 75% more water, occupying 95% more land, and producing 87% more carbon emissions than the Impossible Burger.

All of this accounts for a more ethical, nutritious, and ecologically sound alternative to what’s typically found at fast food restaurants.

So, how does the OSI Group factor into all of this?

Well Impossible Foods operates a pair of processing sites in California, they’re ambitious itinerary means they need more sites. The OSI Group will be there to assist in production, making sure their products are available in 17,000 restaurants in the coming months.

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GPB Global Resources on Refining Their Business Approach Over the Years

GPB Global Resources recognizes that every different person holds their own unique view of the world around them, and they do not want to trivialize any other person’s viewpoint. This is why they try to take them all in and take wisdom from each field. Even though they are focused in international investment, they are not the type of company that believes isolating yourself within an industry is a good idea.

At the end of the day, mental health is prioritized in the offices of GPB Global Resources, and this treatment is the same for their clients. They want people to have improved lives after they do business with them, as it is this that inspires them to keep on coming back. The more clients they are able to retain, the better their outlook appears. Outlook can often be the determining factor in the success of a business firm, contrary to popular belief.

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Many people underestimate just how important appearances can be when you are an icon to a good portion of the world. Oftentimes, people get used to the sensation of being at the top, and once this happens, they are not able to make any further developments upon their personality. This is the sort of state that GPB Global Resources will do anything to avoid. They are always in a battle with the concept of complacency, and they do not want to yield their efforts for even a moment, for they know that any individual moment they give up to the world around them will come back as a regret later on in life.

When it comes to GPB Global Resources, there is a stark focus on living life so that there is a minimal amount of regret you need to face later. Living like this allows people to live in the moment, and when you are able to do this, you are far better at dealing with the issues that stand before you. GPB Global Resources believes that moving forwards requires forward-thinking in addition to action, and this is why they have cultivated and refined their business approach for so many years. More Business News:

Memory Loss and Prevagen: Providing Hope and Good Health

 An Active Role: Brain Health

Many individuals have expressed concerns about their brain health as they continue to age. Some express fears about losing the cognitive functioning and fear becoming forgetful.

Memory loss does not need to play a major role in the aging persons future because it is possible for every person to take an active role in their brain health.


This can be done with better dietary in place, added exercise and with the use of Prevagen. Keep in mind, the brain is a vital organ that does need to be cared for. Cognitive health is important. Challenging the brain has proven to be highly useful to many aging individuals.

Every person can take an active role in their brain health and enjoy a higher quality of life as they age. Addressing brain health is wise to do. Preventing and stopping mild memory loss is possible for everyone with good practices and quality information in place.

Prevagen: Information and Supporting Brain Function

Prevagen is an over-the-counter dietary supplement. It has proven to be safe and a prescription is not needed to buy this or to use it. It contains an active ingredient called apoaequorin. This ingredient had been discovered in jellyfish.

There has been 40 years of ongoing studies surrounding this product. Quincy Bioscience had patented it and this is a product intended to support cognitive function. It has been shown in clinical studies that it did make many improvements in when used within a 90 day period.

A daily dose has proven to have positive effects on people in terms of their brain functioning. It can be found in the vitamin isle in most brick and mortar stores.

Quincy Bioscience is a biotechnology company. It is located in Madison, Wisconsin. This company has a clear focus. It placed an emphasis on developing and discovering numerous novel technologies that would support normal health challenges and cognitive brain function.

The focus included mild memory loss. Any age related memory loss is included in the focus. Scientists earned recognition for this product in the year 2008. In 2018 it was the number one recommended brand for brain health. It has been proven to be safe while providing many benefits to those who incorporate it into their daily routine.

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Prevagen assist individuals to think clearly and stay focused in a natural way. Researchers have been studying this since the year 1960. This has been proven safe.

No adverse affects have been shown and no side affects come with this. The research has proven that this is a safe and highly effective choice that provides people with a much better quality of life as it prevents memory loss and improves brain health.

The Prevagen Story

Age is a significant factor in terms of brain health. There has been a growing need for quality brain health products and many professionals took action and developed new products to satisfy this need.

Addressing brain health has already proven to benefit people. Prevagen came directly from the natural environment down in the ocean. The scientist who worked on the research for this product have been rewarded because the information has proven factual and highly beneficial.

Testing software had fostered much good information. Over one million people have tried this product. Safety is an outstanding benefit of Prevagen. The facts and many benefits have already spoken for themselves.

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