The American Institute Of Architecture And Its CEO And Executive VP

The Executive VP and CEO of the American Institute of Architects or AIA, the preeminent association of architects in the US, Mr. Robert Ivy is widely treasured for his leadership skills and experience. His meteoric rise can be traced back to the 90’s when he became the editor of an architectural magazine.

According to Crunchbase, Robert was appointed the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record in 1996. During his reign, the publication grew into the most widely read architectural journal globally. The success saw him appointed the VP and Editorial Director of McGraw Hill Construction Media, the parent media concern that hoists publications like HQ Magazine, Architectural Record: China and GreenSource sustainable design magazine.

Over the years, Architectural Record has earned many plaudits and honors in equal measure, thanks to Robert’s stellar leadership. The accolades include the National Magazine Award for General excellence that was conferred to him by the American Society of Magazine Editors, 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards and the Premier Magazine Journalism Award. For 9 years, beginning in 1981 Robert was a principal and a revered critic of various national publications. Owing to his prowess in matters architecture, Robert was chosen as one of the jurors in the panel that picked architect Frank Gehry to undertake the designs of the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Today, he remains a fellow of Design Futures Council.

In his current designation as Executive VP and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Robert’s LinkedIn profile reveals that his main task is to reposition the institute in line with the 21st century expectations. To achieve these aims, Robert will work to enhance the value of AIA and the architects working under its umbrella. He was appointed to the position on February 2011. The Washington DC based AIA is tasked with advancing the architectural profession and inculcating positive image. Its campaigns are organized using tools like education and outreach programs targeting the architectural fraternity and the general public. With regards to education, Robert Ivy studied at Tulane University for his Masters in Architecture.

For his Bachelor’s Degree in English, Robert attended the University of the South from 1965 to 1969. While at the university, Robert participated in numerous group activities, including Tau Sigma Delta where he served as an honorary member. On his own admission, Roberts sees a bright future in the architectural profession. According to Zdnet, Robert is looking at a trend where architects are focusing increasingly on interdisciplinary collaboration, public health enhancement and resilience. He believes architecture can offer many solutions faced by humans from improving health and providing disaster relief. He adds that the building and construction industry is often seen as a good indicator of the overall health of the economy.

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Dr Saad is a pediatric surgeon in New Jersey at Eatontown. He is associated with Jersey shore medical university center and the Monmouth center at the Long Branch. He attained his medical degree at the University of Cairo Medical School, and he has had over twenty years of practice ever since. He accepts some health insurance policies which include: Aetna HMO, AmeriHealth HMO, AmeriHealth PPO among others. He has received two awards and recognition. These are the AAP fellow award and the ACS fellow award. He has experience in surgery of around forty-two years, and he specializes in pediatric and general surgery.


Dr Saad is an experienced and well known pediatric surgeon and has carried out thousands of surgical operations in the course of his career. During his career, his primary agenda has been to improve the existing procedures and methods applied in surgical operations. He always looked for ways to minimize the pain his patients underwent through during surgery and reducing the peril his patients encountered and has a result of this; Saad has come up with new surgical procedures and two surgical inventions. He has worked for over forty years, and he has served patients both outside and inside his community.


Medical Catheters are usually tubes which have some functions. They are introduced into a human body to correct specific medical disorders or to help during surgery. They can be used to drain fluids and gases or to offer access to certain instruments during surgery contingent to the catheter type used. Some catheters are left in the human body either permanently or temporarily. The surgeons have to know the exert location of the catheter inside the body and hence they have to perform an x-ray or use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to identify its positioning. MRI machines are normally not used much since they are huge and hence not portable. Learn more:


Dr Saad developed a device that helps in locating the catheter without the patient having to undergo a body scan using a machine. He has made many other discoveries in the surgical world. This machine uses electromagnetic energy since it has an integral electromagnetic identification of the location of the catheter. The catheter has a permeable material electromagnetically in the coil, and therefore the doctor only uses an external apparatus on the outside of the patient’s body which then sends a signal to the coil as well as the permeable magnetically material which then illuminate light on the outside hence showing the position of the catheter. This device is portable and of great importance in the surgical world since it helps many patients avoid MRI and unnecessary X-rays and it can be used in by doctors on patients in ICU in case of emergencies where there is no time to locate the position of the catheter using X-rays.

RealReal Is Now In Soho

Who would use thrift store business model for high-end luxury merchandise? Julie Wainwright decided to do just that when she opened the RealReal site in 2011. She has a background in online retail being the CEO of and former tech experience. Having valuable online merchandising experience, she gathered funds for several projects including RealReal.

One of Julies latest venture has been to open a brick and mortar store in a New York Soho neighborhood. She understands fashion and those who seek it. Shopping in her store brings in fashionistas who are addicted to bargains with that right name tag. She has regular buyers who frequent the shop often as they can peruse those latest additions online and then give them the up close evaluation in-house. Her store is designed to give the buyer a luxurious adventure with a pleasing price tag.

She has over 800 people employed in her enterprise. Each piece that she consigns must be evaluated as well as authenticated to assure her buyers are getting the real deal. Evaluations can be brought in to six centers located in the US. She has educated staff that can look at the merchandise and verifies it as well as values the item. If you purchase the item, it is the RealReal.

Julie consigns and sells all over the world. She has sold items for $100,000 but under $50,000 is more common. Don’t let those figures scare you, as she has many choice items for under $300. Often her consigners are also buyers due to consigners retaining most of the selling price. She proves to the owners of the names she sells that their brand will hold its value in the secondary market.

Her buyers range from Millennials upwards in age. The merchandise ranges from clothing and jewelry to home decor. RealReal occasionally offers courses featuring how to spot designer knockoffs, fakes, and other valuable information. If you are interested in consigning there are three ways that are offered. A free home pick-up in certain cities, shipping with a free mailing label, or visit a Luxury Consignment Office for a free evaluation.

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OSI Food Solutions Investment Pays Off

Knowing when to invest and how to manage resources is crucial. Any company must be managed by those who understand exactly how to marshal the company’s resources. One such company is OSI Food Solutions. OSI Food Solutions is one of America’s best known and most respected food companies. As a top one hundred food company, officials here know exactly how to manage capital really well. They understand that capital management enables them to meet demands that can change from year to year. This is why officials have chosen to expand their operations in Spain. Spain is the new base of the company’s plans. They hope to help capture the expanding market for chicken products of all kinds in the Iberian peninsula. This market has shown definitive growth in just the last few years alone. Officials at the company have noted that consumption of chicken products has increased over five percent in the last few year. During this time, consumers in the region and companies that provide such products to clients have sought out ways to help offer the products that people want. The company has come to the realization that they can step into this area and meet such ongoing demand.

A New Plant

In recognition of this demand, those who run OSI Food Solutions have created a new plant. The new plant has many new features that are expected to help continue the company’s regional expansion plans into many parts of Europe. The factory has already helped by doubling the company’s output from twelve thousand tons in one year to twenty-four thousand the following year. The new factory in Toledo, Spain includes many new features that officials are confident will help further increase production and make the factory more efficient. The new factory from OSI Food Solutions will also add over a dozen jobs for locals, making it a much welcome addition to the region’s employment base. The new addition to the existing area factory is over twenty-two thousand feet and contains many separate areas for varied company tasks. Officials now have service areas that make quality control even easier as well as other parts of the factory such as shipping and receiving and lots of storage areas. The new addition is part of the reason that officials at OSI Food Solutions have met their company production goals and vastly increased the amount of chickens they process.

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Matt Badiali Lets Subscribers Know About Master Limited Partnerships

Matt Badiali is a former geologist turned professional investor. Because of his background in the earth sciences, and geology in particular, combined with his knowledge of markets, finances, and companies, he specializes in natural resources investing. He offers two advisory services through Banyan Hill Publishing. These are Matt Badiali’s Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits by Matt Badiali.

In order to get the real skinny on investing opportunities, Matt Badiali says that he is often on the move globally. He says that when it comes to investing in natural resources you can’t expect to sit in an office all day if you want the real picture of what is going on. He’s been to various nations such as Haiti, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, and Switzerland among them. He said he has personally gone to many mines and oil wells over the years where he has analyzed his own geologic data. He has also grilled chief executive officers of businesses in the natural resources industry. Read more about Matt Badiali at Ideamensch.

As an expert in the industry, he says that he thinks the world is on the cusp of a massive change in how we consume energy, likening it to when the world went from whale oil to kerosene which was a game changer. He says it is when tech researchers come up with a battery that can supply an entire municipality that the world will be run on electricity.

Matt Badiali has started to let people in on a secret in the world of investing which he says those on Wall Street don’t want people to know about. He calls them “Freedom Checks” because investing in them is a way to gain financial freedom. He says there are 568 companies that issue these checks to their investors. Companies that can issue these checks have to meet a couple of caveats such as issuing 80% of their profits to shareholders each year. Read this article at

What he is talking about are Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Most of these are in the business of operating oil and gas pipelines. However, any company that works as a pass-through business can be considered an MLP, such as Blackstone which is a banking group. He shows his subscribers which particular companies they should invest their money in based on a number of factors. Investors can make stunning returns when MLPs pay out huge dividends of 10% or more, he says.


Lacey and Larkin Agree with Trump’s Reputation

Everyone calls President Donald Trump a moron. It’s his number one nickname. Usually, only someone’s opponents call them bad names, but everyone calls Trump a moron. It’s almost to the point of bullying, but it’s the best description of his leadership skills and overall intelligence.

It’s sad to think of him as President, but that’s the world right now. The nation is constantly fighting back violent acts and domestic terrorism. It’s a sad fact that today’s society is riddled with hatred. Many minority groups are attacked on a daily basis, and no one’s protecting them.

Just a few years ago, the world wasn’t so bad. It had its problems, but people weren’t suffering to such a degree. These days, the United States is torn in half and both sides are suffering. People probably wouldn’t hate Trump so much if he was trying to do something important.

Recently, he did something else that pissed people off. He pardoned Joe Arpaio of all crimes. Joe Arpaio is the worst human being on the planet because he actually had the authority to torture people. He systematically persecuted and abused anyone who didn’t agree with him; especially Latinos.

Joe Arpaio reigned over Maricopa County for 24 years. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin brought him down in 2007. It started when their newspaper Phoenix New Times exposed a little of what Arpaio was doing. At the time, Arpaio was used to silencing his critics with one or two displays of force.

After warning them, Lacey and Larkin realized that Arpaio was worse than anyone knew. They launched a full investigation into his activities. Before long, New Times exposed all of Arpaio’s dirty secrets. At first, people didn’t really care. Much of Arizona was used to hearing about someone abusing Latinos.

Despite the lack of consequence, Arpaio still wanted Lacey and Larkin to stop reporting his activities. That October, he had them arrested and personally interrogated them. That event cost him his job and freedom. He was arrested and charged with criminal contempt, of which he was convicted. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The nation rejoiced in his incarceration, but it would not last. Weeks before being sentenced, Arpaio was pardoned of his crimes. President Trump pardoned Arpaio because Arpaio supported his early claims that former President Obama’s birth certificate was fake. Since then, Arpaio and Trump have been friends, and Trump didn’t want his friend going to prison.

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Alex Pall – Pushing Boundaries with The Chainsmokers

DJ and artist Alex Pall is a member of The Chainsmokers. He was interviewed by Mathias Rosenzweig. He’s asked about his background in music and the band’s goals. Mathias asks about band mate Andrew Taggart. Alex talks about how they met, and how they will continue to make their mark on the music scene.

Mathias asks Alex about his background, and how he got started in music. Alex explains that he started as a DJ performing gigs in New York City. It was just a hobby, but he wanted more. That’s where fellow DJ Andrew Taggart comes in. “ It was love at first sight,” Alex said.

Andrew was performing on the side. He drove from Maine to New York City, and met Alex Pall. They both had a similar vision. Change the electronic music scene. Four years later they’re still an ever-changing and unique duo.

Alex explains how they wanted their music to stand out. He didn’t want another shallow party song. It had to be personal. Examples like “ Waterbed Roses” and “Don’t let me down” are how The Chainsmokers blur lines between genres.

They talk about what it was like to work with Halsey on the song ” Closer ”. Alex explains how true she is to herself. ” Those are the types of artists we want to work with,” he said. Andrew added his own vocals to ” Closer “. Alex says it’s rare for groups to co-write, sing, and produce their work.

Alex is asked about demographics. They have a variety of fans. He claims this pushes their live shows. They keep pushing to create new experiences for the audience. They won’t be complacent. ” It’s very much that type of hustle right now,” he said. The Chainsmokers will stay on the forefront of the scene.

What’s Next For Mega Food Provider OSI Group

OSI Group has put Aurora, Illinois, on the map. This exceptional food provider has conquered the game in every sense, and it only seems to be getting stronger with each day. OSI Group’s headquarters has moved around a bit throughout the years. At one point in time, the company was headquartered in Maywood, Illinois, and another one of its locations was in Oak Park, Illinois. What remains the same is that the company has always maintained its ethics and passion. OSI Group is also very accomplished to the highest degree. In 2016, the prominent British Safety Counsel awarded the company with the Globe of Honour Award thanks to its excellence in environmental management. CEO Sheldon Lavin was honored with the globe Visionary Award. This award honors the true visionaries of the world. These spectacular individuals have personified their interests by making their dreams come true.

When it comes to expansion, few companies can match what OSI has done. This company keeps growing and growing thanks to its ability of making good acquisitions. OSI Group has added the Tyson Foods plant to its already stacked lineup. This plant is located in Chicago, it has over 200,000 square-feet of space, and it will definitely help to strengthen the company’s infrastructure because it is very close to other of the company’s facilities. This acquisition was purchased to the tune of $7.4 million. OSI Group has facilities at multiple locations in the United States such as in California, in Utah, in Wisconsin and in Iowa.

Great leadership is always a bonus in the work environment. CEO Sheldon Lavin has surely taken this company to a completely different level. As of now, OSI Group is firing on all cylinders. This mega food giant is on the fast-track to even more success and that’s a guaranteed fact.

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The Chainsmokers Have Everyone Addicted

2013 launched the careers of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, better known as The Chainsmokers, when they released a self-proclaimed “annoying ass record” #Selfie. While #Selfie hit the Top 20 on Billboard, peaking at number 16, it received mixed reviews. Still, it garnered much attention and the song hit the charts in several countries and the success, albeit unexpected, prompted the release of the band’s first EP Bouquet in 2015 with the leadoff single aptly called Roses.

The Chainsmokers continued to turn heads and garner attention putting out single after single and joining forces to collaborate with some of the biggest names on the music scene. There were projects with Daya, Swedish singer Charlee and the number one Platinum hit Closer with Halsey. They started selling out notable venues such as Red Rocks and winning awards including two American Music Awards.

Now five years later the EDM DJ duo are continuing to consistently put out hit singles and change the landscape of music. Only three months into 2018 The Chainsmokers have released two new singles starting with Sick Boy in January and Everybody Hates Me which dropped last week. The new songs take a darker view of life in the limelight, showing the frustration and anger towards the world at large from The Chainsmokers viewpoint.

Part of the appeal of The Chainsmokers is their ability to catapult their success across multiple musical genres including pop, hip-hop, and dance. It’s not surprising to note that the band takes inspiration from a variety of fellow musicians citing Blink 182, Taylor Swift and Taking Back Sunday as strong influences.

What comes next for Taggart and Pall? They want to continue pushing the envelope and creating new sounds. Settling has never been an option for them and multiple new singles are set to be launched this year. No matter what happens, you can bet that The Chainsmokers will continue to blaze new ground and set fire to what came before.

Ara Chackerian – Medical Technology and Investments

A company in California is offering a new way to receive transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. The company, called TMS Health Solutions, was founded by Florida State University Graduate Ara Chackerian. Chackerian and his business partner Brad Hummel had over 20 years of combined experience in a similar field. The two entrepreneurs opened and managed several facilities across Northern California that provided radiology diagnostics.

The idea for TMS Health Solutions was formed when Ara Chackerian first got an up-close look at the efficacy of transcranial magnetic stimulation. He saw that the therapy had a huge impact on patients with Major Depressive Disorder. He then reached out to Dr. Richard Bermudas and leader in the field of transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Dr. Bermudas had been attempting to widen the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation for years. He learned that many insurance companies do not offer coverage plans that cover the costs associated with transcranial magnetic therapy.

Chackerian and Hummel decided to join together with Dr. Bermudas to spread the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation. They soon realized that the current model of psychiatric care was not designed to accommodate device-based treatments. You can visit his page.

The trio worked to create their shared vision: to develop a model of care delivery that enabled the doctors to administer patient-based treatment. This ensured an all-around better experience for each patient.

Chackerian, Hummel, and Dr. Bermudas have constructed seven TMS Health Solutions offices to date. Chackerian plans to expand to new medical technologies soon. He is especially interested in digitized medical care.

Ara Chackerian believes that his method for success revolves around his ability to create and maintain positive clinical reputations for his businesses. He achieves this by not only providing excellent service but also by giving back to the community through education and philanthropy. Chackerian also thanks his business partners for his success.

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