George Soros’s Take on Donald Trump

George Soros has been one of the leading investors and investment managers in the world for the past fifty years. Soros has successfully provided a strong return on investment to investors during several different investment and credit cycles. His success has allowed him to amass a net wroth of over $25 billion, which has made him one of the wealthiest people in the world. Soros is often consulted on many different topics, including the global economy, economic predictions, and other events that are impacting the world.

While he is largely interviewed for his take on economic and financial issues, Forbes billionaire George Soros is also frequently quested about his take on politics and other social issues. Soros was recently interviewed about the forthcoming US Presidential election, particularly the wild GOP election and debate process that has been going on for the past year. Soros had plenty to say, particularly about potential nominee Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been adamant about controlling the borders of the United States and doing the best the country can to stop additional immigration, particularly of Muslims. While Trump has been boasting that this would be best for the security of the country, Soros believes that this could actually have a negative effect on the security of the United States. Soros stated that if Trump actively closes the borders and prevents Muslims from entering the country, it would actually lead to more animosity and violence in the United States. He also stated that he believes it would difficult to ever build and maintain the wall against Mexico that Trump has been recommending.

During the same interview, Soros also commented on how Germany has handled the Syrian refugee crisis. He has stated that chancellor Angela Merkel invested a significant amount of political capital by having an open borders policy, and it now appears that she lost that investment. With the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, many people inside Germany are now concerned that the policy is too liberal and is putting the country at risk. This policy is also causing a rift with other countries in the European Union.


The Great Autism Rocks Solo Capital

A visit by Snoop Dog, who is arguably the world’s most famous rapper, to the home of Hedge-Fund manager Sanjay Shah was the turn of all events. The visit rekindled Sanjay’s desire to contribute towards autism research and made him begin the Austim Rocks charity center.
As Sanjay explains, it was a bizarre but thrilling experience. It was more than just the visit as Sanjay got inspired by the artist to get back to music. He had passion for music and he used to promote gigs while in Kings College University in London. The passion had not gone away and the visit made him decide to play gigs and raise money for his autism research.
This idea of raising charity to help fund the research into Austim was born the day Snoop Dog visited, but Sanjay says the desire was aroused much earlier after his 2 year old son became a victim of the condition. The youngest son Nikhil was established with autism in 2011 and since he had nothing to do, he ventured into donating funds to support the research and increase the understanding of the condition.
Sanjay pursued his course, and with determination he was able to personally perform shows with great artists such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Costello and Joss stones which helped to raise more than 4 million US dollars to help in the autism research. The money, according to Sanjay is directed to the Autism Research Trust (ART) which is turn helps in supporting research processes by the Autism Research Center (ARC). The research center is based at Cambridge University and it is mandated with understanding all the information regarding the conditions such as in finding out who is likely to develop autism and what are the causes of the condition. At the moment, ARC, headed by Prof Simon Baron-Cohen is running a total of 15 long term projects. Their objective is to understand the whole Autism condition and find out and evaluate how to intervene and support those people suffering from the condition.
Sanjay used to work for Morgan Stanley as a banker for a period of 20 years. He later established his own business opportunity in 2008 after leaving his job as a banker and remained unemployed. He moved to Dubai in 2009, a place he says has a lot of good opportunities because there are many starts that travel to other parts after passing through there.
He named his fledging venture Solo Capital, and since for a period of 7 years the business has been able to expand and employ more financial experts. Its offices are located in London and Dubai. In 2011, Sanjay purchased a couple of Hyundai vehicles for Dubai Autism center. Furthermore, he is a trustee at the Autism Research Trust in the UK and contributes monthly towards the center.

North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park: “We Cried for Them Not to Deport Us. We Would Be Killed.”

Yeonmi Park‘s family defected and abandoned life in their native North Korea when she was just thirteen years old. Now at twenty-three, Yeonmi has made a point to share her story with others. “People need to know,” Yeonmi said. “My father died without knowing democracy. We could not even comprehend what freedom meant.” Yeonmi’s parents began saving money to hire smugglers to assist them in leaving North Korea. Her family had already faced many hardships, but their awakening came after watching the 1997 film Titanic. “We were able to see that life could be different,” Yeonmi said. “My friend’s mother was executed for watching a James Bond film and sharing it with others. I saw it happen. Then I realized I had done the same thing, hundreds of times.” Yeonmi’s father was arrested during an illegal attempt to raise money for his family. Her family became impoverished due to the loss of her father’s income. They were faced with starvation. “We were given just a frozen potato, many times,” she said of her early life. Yeonmi’s mother hired smugglers to aid them in fleeing to China. They intended to remain in China only temporarily, but the smugglers had other plans for the terrified two. One of the smugglers raped and enslaved the teen and her mother, after days of leading them through dark forests, across mountains, and over partially frozen rivers. Yeonmi was taken as a child-bride. “I do not like to speak of it, “Yeonmi said. “It is a shame for a North Korean woman to lose their purity. Speaking of it, to me, feels like the world has ended.” Yeonmi and her mother were captured together but later freed. The two planned to cross into Mongolia and somehow find their way to South Korea. While they did arrive at their destination, they encountered hardships during their journey. Yeonmi and her mother survived their trek through the Gobi Desert and were detained by border guards. “We cried to them not to deport us to North Korea,” Yeonmi said. “We told them that we would be killed.” Yeonmi and her mother were deported to South Korea where they have since worked to grasp and understand freedom. Yeonmi of casey and yeonmi show enrolled in college and became a human rights activist.

Sergio Cortes Leads The Medical Industry In The Short And Long Term

The future of the people of Brazil, and in particular the people of the Rio de Janeiro is the concern of medical doctor and state health expert Sergio Cortes. Over the last few years the medical expert has come to the fore of the drive towards improving the health of the peopple of the state. In times of crisis and in periods of relative calm Sergio Cortes has been pushing himself to help the people of the state improve their lives with better health care; alongside this drive to help the people of Brazil Cortes has been seeking ways of helping everybody improve their health through his Twitter and Linkedin accounts.

Extra reports Sergio Cortes has been an important figure in the lives of the people of Rio de Janeiro during periods of crisis, such as the flooding of 2013. At this time Cortes was the State Secretary of Health and led the response to the floods that caused chaos for many of the residents of hard hit areas like Xerem. In a bid to keep the people of the area safe from the damage caused by the floods, which included public water problems and refuse issues, the medical expert established hydration centers to keep people fit and healthy. Cortes also made sure the people of flood hit areas were not at risk from dangerous medical conditions by sending research teams to the area to track the rise in different diseases.

Sergio Cortes has also been seeking to make sure the people of Rio de Janeiro have a long term plan for remaining fit and healthy. Cortes has been seeking to establish a long etrm plan for the health of the state, which includes the need to improve the standard and number of medical professionals living and working within the state, the Government of Niteroi reports. In his role as the Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes looked to change the way the people of the area sought medical assistance; one of the major changes suggested by Cortes was a return to family doctors who could ease the pressure placed upon the hospitals of the state.

Spread The Word About The Best Premium Dog Foods!

The Truth About Premium Dog Food Is Pleasantly Surprising

I was raised to be a skeptic. When I started looking into the eye of the premium dog food industry, I was afraid of what I would find. I have done a load of research on the topic, and I am sure that I am an expert on the subject at this point. It’s a strange thing to be an expert about, besides the fact that my dog’s health is important to me and my family. I found a great article that supports the premium dog food industry with in depth, insider interviews. It’s from a legitimate news source, and it portrays the premium dog food industry as a rising industry that answers the concerns of consumers constantly. Purina actually has a website that they set up to answer consumers concerns about ingredients where the consumer can input exactly what they want their dog to eat into the Amazon website, and Purina will generate a food based on their requests just for that dog. That personal touch can go a long way with consumers, but I am already satisfied with Purina Store’s Beneful Dry Dog Food Original, and my dog is apparently satisfied with its taste. Beneful goes a long way with my dog, and it seems like he can’t get enough of that good stuff. That last bowl of Beneful must have really hit the spot. We went for a walk after breakfast, and he seemed extra energetic. He needs all those nutrients in order to support his active lifestyle. My dog never seems to get tired until it’s time to go to bed, thanks to Purina Beneful. I raised him on the good stuff, too. Premium dog food is made of premium ingredients, so you know what you get. When you buy it you get your money’s worth. If you want to support this idea of keeping Beneful premium dog food at this high quality, then you should read the article by the Daily Herald. Be sure to share it with others, too. Take a look at it by going here.

Visual Search Technology is Here

Through all the technological advancements that have come with the internet, text box searches have remained consistent. Everyone is used to the way we search things, type words into a rectangular box to get the search results you are wanting, but recent advances in image recognition software may offer some changes to this. Major online names like Pinterest and are testing new ways to preform searches by using images.

Both these companies have embraced a method called deep learning which allows software to match human features for image recognition. This is the method that is used in Google’s image search and the new photo organization they launched this summer called Automated Helpers.
The visual search allows users to draw a box around an image then place it in a search box to find results that are similar. Some of these search results come equipped with buy buttons making searching and purchasing so much simpler. Amazon included an app that finds products similar to photos taken by users on their Fire smartphone they released last year.

Kevin Jing, the head of visual search at Pinterest, feels that this visual searching method will soon become indispensable. He feels this method of searching items is much more accurate and each year offers many improvements to the software. is testing a different method of the search by making use of an image-processing technology aimed at retailers that was developed by AI startup company Sentient. This technology is currently being used in their women’s boots section of their website. So far the CEO of says that he has seen evidence that the visual filter is actually increasing sales and he is looking to expand the search feature into other departments.

One company leading the market in visual search technology is Slyce. Their technology allows users to drop photos and pictures in the search box and receive results that are fitted to the original search image. This technology is available in an app for smartphones and other devices.

The technology they employ allows their search engine to instantly recognize objects then use that knowledge to recognize and connect consumers with similar items available at online retailers. The technology is so advanced users can even insert photos of any items they see and like in the real world into a search box to find exactly what they are shopping for.

Four Premier Products Offered by Beneful

Beneful is a leading dog food brand owned by Nestle Purina, a pet food manufacturer based in St. Louis, Missouri. Nestle Purina is the leading pet food company in the United States. It is second only to Mars. Beneful dog food provides proper nutrition that is required by dogs in every stage of their development, from a puppy to a full-grown dog.

With the Beneful brand, a pet owner is guaranteed of exceptional quality products on that will leave the dogs healthy and happy. Beneful’s top priority is in producing meals that dogs can enjoy and those that keeps them playful. This is because the foods are made from high quality ingredients. The dog foods come in different flavors and tastes. Beneful offers four categories of products that include wet foods, dry foods, treats and snacks.

Beneful on twitter wet dog foods are produced using wholesome ingredients with flavors that dogs enjoy. These foods are made available in 20 varieties for purposes of keeping the dogs healthy and happy. They use different types of proteins such as chicken, pork, and beef with varying textures that range from big chunks to thinly chopped blends. They also use accents such as green beans, rice, and carrots. The foods are provided in suitable multi packs that come in varying sizes starting from 3oz to 10oz tubs. These tubs are resealable. One such food is Beneful wet dog food chopped blends.

Beneful snacks are made up of flavors such as beef, bacon, and peanut butter. They are first crafted before getting oven baked. They come in varying textures and tastes. The textures are provided in crispy, air crackers, and shortbread cookies.

Beneful dry dog food consists of antioxidant rich nutrition made of all the ingredients that a dog needs in order to thrive. They are offered in crunchy and tender bites that dogs love. Dry dog foods are made with ingredients such as corn gluten meal, yellow corn, and chicken in addition to whole wheat flour, soy flour, and rice flour. A good example is the Beneful dry dog food healthy puppy.

For the Beneful treats, they consist of savory tastes made with meat and cheese flavors in moist forms. A good example of this type of food is the healthy smile dental twists. Dogs are different and each dog requires a unique type of diet to flourish. There are those that require diets to enable them grow and those that need a diet to enable them gain weight and bone mass. These needs are well catered for in all dog products manufactured under the Beneful brand.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Make A Dramatic Statement

A growing league of young women are very interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Certainly, they would like to take control of their life and become their own boss. The goal is to have a successful and thriving business that people envy. Well, those young women should definitely take a look at Lime Crime Cosmetics. The founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics is Doe Deere. This young CEO was born in Russia and raised in New York. Doe Deere had a dream and a mission. Her dream was to start her own successful business. Her mission was to inform the world that cosmetics were more than tools to cover up imperfections.

The Lime Crime Venture
Lime Crime has been around for several years. During that time their dramatic makeup has made a very positive impact on the beauty market. They first started in 2008. That was the year that founding CEO, Doe Deere, put her dream in motion. The idea driving her was to create a beautiful and magical line of makeup products that demonstrated to people that makeup was not about covering up imperfections. Makeup was about creativity and freedom of expression. This woman entrepreneur created a truly original line of cosmetics and achieved success on her very own terms. Doe Deere is also a proud supporter of other women entrepreneurs. She speaks frequently on the subject and is involved with programs that mentor young female entrepreneurs.

Lime Crime Creativity
Certainly, the Lime Crime Cosmetics company is very unique. Their line of vibrant and very bold colors captures the imagination. Their makeup is for the bold at heart and free spirits. In an interview, the founder of Lime Crime remarked that the idea for makeup began in her fashion stage. She was always attracted to very bold, creative, and wild colors.

What Excites Doe Deere
Doe Deere finds creativity and inspiration around her daily. However, she is very excited about one trend that is taking over entrepreneurship. She is excited about the fact that the majority of people are starting e-commerce business sites and leaving the brick and mortar world behind. The CEO finds e-commerce very advantageous for the new entrepreneur. In fact, Lime Crime’s success proved that women were likely to buy cosmetics off the Internet, if they were presently correctly.

Doe Deere is looking forward to the future. In the future, Doe Deere plans to continue her successful career with Lime Crime along with her husband and partner Mark beside her.

The Beneful Dog Foods

The Nestle Purina PetCare brought Beneful on the market around 2001. This product has dry and wet dog food. Also, many dog treats. In 2012 it was named the fourth largest dog food brand, netting the company around $1.5 billion yearly.

Beneful was introduced for nutrition for man’s best friend. Just looking at it, with all the eye catching ingredients, which includes carrots, beans and peas, definitely will be appreciated by dogs of all sizes. The company said the term “Beneful” means full of goodness.

In that same year the company did a television commercial making $300 millions in profit. The company soon upgraded the factory in St. Joseph, Missouri. The reason for this was to produce more wet food.

Beneful has a few different dog food products. One such meal is the IncrediBites, this is in a stay fresh package. It resembles a small kibble, mostly smaller dogs go head over heels for.

The wet food was develop with flavors that you can actually see. Your dogs will no doubt love you for it. These are made in twenty varieties. The ingredients are beef,chicken,lamb and pork. They are made either thinly slices or big chunks for bigger dogs. These are placed in a plastic reusable container.

Then you have the delicious Baked Delights. In tempted flavors such as bacon, cheese, bacon and peanut butter. Show me a dog that doesn’t like snacking. This is made in shortbread or a crispy cracker. These are all erupting with mouthwatering flavors. Your best friend will no doubt love you more. All these products have antioxidants and omega

Also, there is a dry dog food made solely from soy, this takes the place of beef, to supplement the protein.

This products is not exclusive to the United States only. In 2011 Beneful did a series of television ads in Austria. This included a high pitched noise, that was only heard by dogs. This was done to evoke a reaction from the dogs. In Germany the smell of dog food was released. Again, to get a reaction.

In the subways of New York, virtual billboards were placed, so that the passenger can interact in a game of fetch. The dogs on the screen will follow along and try to engage a person in a game of fetch. This was so popular, that billboards were placed in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and St. Louis.

The main agenda for this company is to make sure that the dogs are healthy and satisfied. This product can be found in all grocery stores or pet shops.

Denver Man Uses Popular Website to Launch Earth Force Fundraiser Campaign

A resident of Denver and lacrosse camp founder named Jon Urbana has launched a campaign that seeks to raise about $1750 for Earth Force Inc. The campaign, launched on GoFundMe, aims to incorporate the crowdfunding and online community.

Through their contributions, people will directly be contributing towards a better and cleaner environment, plus Urbana tweeted out that for Cyber Monday he’ll match all donations. Earth Force Inc is a charitable environmental organization based in Denver. It seeks to help clean the environment and make it safer, healthier and greener to live in.

Earth Force aims to mobilize the youth to become more actively involved in environmental causes. There is a need for more young activists in the fight to improve local environments. Jon is a keen and avid believer in using his mastery of the blogosphere and PR to help to improve the environment.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Jon said he believes that the masses, as well as the youth can positively contribute to this cause. Actually, this is not the first time that the Villanova lacrosse player has been involved in charitable campaigns. A while back, he initiated another fundraising campaign in support of ARAS, which led to a multitude of videos including the two below.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Many websites much like GoFundMe provide excellent platforms and arenas to mobilize online surfers to be more involved in charitable campaigns. It provides the perfect opportunity to raise funds and garner support because majority of people today are online. These online platforms help create awareness about environmental and societal issues and how to be more actively involved. Jon uses his Instagram handle to reach online users because he realizes that it is the perfect opportunity to reach the youth. And if you can find me a teen who isn’t watching MTV, I’ll buy you dinner. It’s why he’s very active there too (visit his MTV page here). This is the main reason why he chose this media to create awareness for Earth Force Inc.

Jon Urbana is a former lacrosse player, an avid supporter of charity as well as a pilot featured in the Aviation Business Gazette. He was born in 1982 in Denver, Colorado. He has two younger brothers, and you can see some pics with his family on his website. He majored in economics in college.

According to Crunchbase, Jon is one of the co-founders of a camp for lacrosse players. The camp, based in Colorado, offers youth training programs during summer. It offers a great platform for youth players to learn the beautiful game and get exposure. The kids get a chance to learn from prominent lacrosse professionals and instructors. Jon is an activist and aims to involve more youths in caring for the environment.

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