David Bowie Rejected Coldplay Collaboration, Chris Martin Allegates

Bowie was on hiatus from general music performances for several years, but would sometimes pair up with groups such as Arcade Fire and Scarlett Johansson to produce a track.

Lauren Powell Jobs says it was Bowie’s special-guest vocals that prompted Martin to consider the proposal. Martin shared the proposed song with Bowie who allegedly later phoned Martin and rejected the invitation.

“‘It’s not one of your best songs,'” Martin quoted Bowie, at the recent BBC Music Awards ceremony. “Bowie has very high standards and it is inspiring to do the same.”


Martin has also hinted that the group’s upcoming album, “A Head Full of Dreams,” could be Coldplay’s final project – at least for a while.

“We’re putting so much heart into ‘Dreams,’ I’d like to think of it as something that finishes something,” Martin told the press. “Although it doesn’t mean that there will be nothing more in the future, as a certainty.”

Mack Maine Breaks Cash Money Silence

Mack Maine, who is the current president of Cash Money Records, has finally broken the silence about two of their top artists wanting out of the record label. Cash Money Statements. It’s now well known that Lil’ Wayne, and Tyga, are both signed to the Cash Money Label, and they’ve told the world about their dislike for the label. Each member has stated that they wanted out of the company, and wanted to move on to make their music independently, or with another label.

Lil’ Wayne had an album that has been delayed several times, entitled “The Carter V,” and this last delay was the straw that broke the camels back. After positively stating that the album would be out on December 9, 2014, the album was delayed once again.

Mack Maine stated to nbcnews.com that the album will be released, but most likely in the first quarter of 2015. He wants people to know that the album definitely will be released, but a date has not been set yet. Mack also states that the problems that Lil’ Wayne and Tyga are having with the label, are currently being addressed, and they hope to resolve it as soon as possible. Although the president has high hopes for the label, we’ll wait and see the outcome.

Smashing Pumpkins Crowd-Pleasing New York Gig

Billy Corgan and Jeff Schroeder of the Smashing Pumpkins enlisted Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk and Killers bass player Mark Stoermer for an intense two-hour set in New York to celebrate the release of Monuments of an Elegy.
In mixing tracks from the new album with their old hits, they found that though the crowd preferred the old familiar songs, Corgan was more into the performance when performing his newer material.

Though the audience was more excited about the older songs and  our campus president Jonathan Veitch said he even shouted out requests, the band geared the show more towards the newer songs from Monuments of an Elegy, signifying that they are less focused on the past songs that got them where they are and more interested in what will come next.

Bizarre Kanye West Listening Party

Even people that are know him do not really know what he is going to do next. Seth Rogen can attest to this mysterious Kanye with an recent incident that has become something very interesting in the Kanye West catalog of mysterious behavior.

Seth Rogen has reported that he ran into Kanye West at a hotel. It was just an impromptu meeting, and BRL Trust people know not much could have happened at first. Kanye asked him if he wanted to hear his new album. Seth – along with his wife – got in a limo with Mr.

What made this listening party even more strange was the fact that the tracks didn’t have any lyrics. Kanye played the beats and rapped the entire songs while Seth Rogen and his wife listened.

Seth and James Franco spooked the Kanye “Bound 2” hit with a viral video known as “Bound 3.” It was a humorous depiction of Kanye and Kim Kardashian that even Kanye found funny.

It may be possible to say that Seth is becoming a friend of Mr.s West. Kanye doesn’t take everyone in a limo for a listening party everyday, but this seems to be the new style. J.Cole brought his music to a fan’s house.

Whitney Houston Biopic Anticipation

After a summer of rumors and gossip surrounding the Whitney Houston Lifetime Biopic and her family’s resentment towards the film, we now are finally getting a taste of what’s been cooking. Lifetime has finally released the first extended trailer of the movie and John Textor says the reviews are favorable. Director Angela Bassett and actress Yaya DaCosta do not disappoint in the portrayal of Whitney Houston and the trailer is leaving many breathless.

It’s no secret that many Whitney fans and family members were not pleased with the original news of the Whitney Houston movie including her daughter who was upset that she wasn’t considered in the casting for the role of her mother, but now with the trailer making rounds online many people are humming a new tune. Just last month Wendy Williams was heavily criticized for her part in the Aaliyah Lifetime biopic, leaving many wondering just how bad the Whitney movie would be.

Unlike the Aaliyah story, the Whitney Houston movie promises to go deep into the singers life and  addressing the romantic and sometimes toxic relationship Whitney had with her husband Bobby Brown as well as her struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

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Lil Wayne Wants to Cut Ties with Cash Money

No one would have ever assumed that the face of Cash Money would have the desire to break his ties with the label. For as long as fans can remember Lil Wayne has been this type of nucleus to the Cash Money family that hip hop fans have come to know and love. The label has brought the hip hop world everything from Juvenile to Nicki Minaj. Now a very disgruntled Lil Wayne wants to immediately get out of his contract and tell Birdman goodbye.

Lil Wayne blasted Cash Money on his Twitter account. That is the beauty of Twitter for fans that crave to know what their artists are going to be doing next. Wayne is not the first artist to put Cash Money on blast through Twitter. Tyga was less direct, but he also plans to cut ties with the Cash Money label. Many fans want to know what this means for the hip hop movement as a whole. There are so many stars anchored to the label.

Christian Broda says Wayne has stated that he wanted to release the album, but Cash Money does not want to drop it. He said that he was prisoner on the label and his creativity was being constricted. The album has been delayed several times.

The Last Coldplay Album

Coldplay fans are not interested in hearing it, but there is a lot of talk that the next Coldplay album may be the last one. Group leader Chris Martin stated that the last album may be it for Coldplay on a BBC interview with Zane Lowe.

They already have a title for the next album. This album will be called “Head Full of Dreams.” This will be album number 7 – a number commonly associated with completion – for Coldplay. The group has been around for a long time and millions of fans have been interested in what Coldplay have given the world. The heartfelt melodies on the latest Coldplay album have provided the group with a string of hits, but music sales have really slumped worldwide. There have not been many people selling records in 2014. One Direction and Taylor Swift seemed to be the only ones that are really movies units.

Chris did go further to say that he didn’t want to rule out another album, but he seemed almost certain that the group would disband after “A Head Full of Dreams.” It is a sad day for fans of the band like Brian Torchin. The good news is it is very possible that Chris Martin is looking for a chance to create a signature solo sound.

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