Perry Mandera Leads The Custom Companies Inc in Providing Excellent Customer Experience

In business, it’s essential to get it right the first time. Those are the wise words of Perry Mandera, the founder as well as CEO of The Custom Companies. The entrepreneur has garnered extensive experience in the sector of logistics. Having joined the industry in 1976, Perry Mandera has served for more than 40 years. He has worked in various departments including shipping products around Illinois. With the extensive history of service at the sector, Perry  has also amassed vast experience in customer care.

A Background Look at Perry’s Career

Mandera’s career started when he was serving in the Marines. He often speaks of this experience during interviews. During his service, he oversaw the transportation of troops as well as supplies. He also played a supportive role in assisting them to see the value of shipping services in the sector. As such, Perry garnered more experience in leadership and business management. His experience enabled him to venture into a career in service. He had a deep emotional connection with the troops. Although he was dismissed honorably, Mandera wished to have continued serving in the same capacity (Positivethefacts).

Charity Work

When he left the department, he ran for office. Perry Mandera was appointed to serve as Chicago’s committeeman at the Republican Ward. He served for four years. Given his experiences, Perry Mandera has been able to support charity work. When possible, he donates resources as well as time to various programs created to help the less fortunate. The successful business professional emphasizes the need to support children from less privileged families. He donates money and material support to enhance their living standards. Perry Mandera  donates to new charities formed by groups of people. These individuals may benefit from the philanthropic move. One such initiative involves the involvement of his workers in these programs.

Receiving Accolades from the Transportation Industry

Mandera’s contribution goes beyond charity. He has been recognized for his contribution to the business. In 2000, he was singled out by the Transportation Association as a leading transportation executive in the US. The accolade was based on his drive to improve the transport sector.

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