Platinum Quality Albums that Did Not Go Platinum


Some albums go platinum and people wonder how this happened. The music may not be platinum quality, but somehow it appeals to the masses. There are other albums, by contrast, that do not go platinum, but they have platinum quality material. The Internet has driven the careers of many artists that people do not know. MTV looked back and highlighted theĀ best albumsĀ that most people did not hear in 2014.

There are some hot artists that were underrated. Dilated Peoples, for example, have been in the shadows of J.Dilla every since he died. He was part of the group that produced hot beats for Dilated People and others. The “Directors of Photography” album was among the best even though it did not get any play on urban radio stations.

Hozier has a great bluesy styled album, but this self-titled debut was not reached on a massive scale. But I went with my friend Igor Cornelsen to his show and Hozier is amazing live.

Atmosphere has been around for 2 decades and somehow these guys are still underdogs. They are persistent though. This is how you know that they love music. They have worked diligently to produce great music even though they have not been popular to the masses. They have a love for music that allows them to continue making good music.

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