Romero’s Empire of the Dead is Coming to TV

With the adaption of Empire of the Dead coming to television, the father of the current zombie cycle may finally receive some long overdue contemporary accolades.

George A. Romero may have created the whole modern zombie genre series such as The Walking Dead are based on, but he has been overlooked by TV and film companies in recent years. Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead were major achievements by the director. Other works met with mild success or were outright overlooked. Even his returns to the zombie genre were misfires to a degree.

Empire of the Dead is going to be a 15 issue limited series published by Marvel Comics. Romero is writing the comic and the plot is rather odd. Basically, zombies are taking over New York City during the apocalypse and run into a bit of competition. You see, vampires want to stake a claim on the city, too.

Obviously, this is a huge departure from the other zombie projects Romero has scripted. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital certainly understands that. The director never mixed his zombies with other monsters. Perhaps adding the the presence of vampires is an homage to I Am Legend, a work that likely inspired Night of the Living Dead. Or maybe the idea of zombies fighting vampires is just too cool to resist.

Romero won’t be directing the television version, though. He will be handling script chores so his original vision is still likely to be retained.

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