Sam Sotoodeh Uses His Professional Experience To Judge A Cornell University Student Competition

sam sotoodeh 3Sam Sotoodeh is a Santa Ana, California-based businessman who works in the financial industry. He is a founder of Acquisition Group, Inc. and is its president. His company invests in a wide range of assets including assets, international oil and gas businesses, real estate, and securities. After completing high school he attended California State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. He furthered his education at Cornell University where he earned an MBA. Additionally, he studied at Northwestern University and earned a post-graduate degree in negotiation techniques.

A recent financial transaction that Sam Sotoodeh managed was the purchase of a Raleigh, North Carolina building. This building serves as the headquarters of The News & Observer. His company paid $22 million for this building. Beyond The News & Observer, this building also has other uses as it is a mixed-use structure. Acquisition Group also owns other properties in Raleigh such as Two Hanover Square.

Sam Sotoodeh recently served as a judge for his alma mater Cornell University’s entrepreneurship competition. 13 students took part in this competition during which they pitched their ideas about new businesses to start. The competition took place at the Student Business of the Year finals that took place at eHub Collegetown on March 28th.

This competition was sponsored by the Entrepreneurship at Cornell organization. Each student that took part was nominated by one of this university’s schools or colleges. Two of the students to take part in this were Derick Simmons and Andre Hook who started Guardian Health. Sam Sotoodeh was on hand to see them explain that their company offers on-demand healthcare specialists to those patients who live far away from their loved ones.

Both of these students have firsthand experience when it comes to caregiving and the stresses it can cause on people. Andre Hook explained that his own mother had to care for five children while also caring for his father who had a chronic disease. His brother also experienced epileptic seizures and needed to have a brain operation which meant he needed in-home care for many years.

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