Susan McGalla Has Important Advice For Women In Business

More and more women are getting into the world of business and Susan McGalla has some tips on how to advance their careers. While there is a lot of advice that is already offered, Susan McGalla believes that a lot of it is just too pandering. As the founder of her own company, P3 Executive consulting, Susan McGalla knows how hard it can be sometimes to make it in business as a woman but knows that it can be done.

Susan McGalla suggests not listening to the buzzwords surrounding the subject and instead focus on just trying to advance yourself as a professional instead of a woman. As a child, she was raised by 2 older brothers and a dad who coached football who didn’t treat her any different because of her sex. It’s important for women to be comfortable with their own gender and the genders of the people that they will be working with and around. Confidence is key no matter what gender a person is and Susan McGalla believes that this confidence can help people move forward. While there may have been no other women on the executive team at American Eagle when she joined, she still found her place.

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