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The great achievement of Sharon Prince on the Grace Farm Foundation

Sharon Prince is the Founder and Chair of Grace Farms Foundation, a nonprofit organization that empowers life through a secure connection of nature, justice, and community. She has a degree from Tusla University and has been the advocate of the growth of the farm. The farm is an open space that is majorly visited by individuals and other not profit institution who hold important meetings or conferences or those individuals that seek new experiences. Sharon Prince awarded SANAA the opportunity to design the glorious river building. In her leadership, the farm has received many awards and accolades due to its immense contribution to the environment and social wellbeing of the community.

The Grace Farm Foundation

The farm rests on an 80 acre land on a landscape covered by serene beauty, a community and an institution that empowers communication, culture, and education. The foundation is free upon entry and is usually open throughout the day. People are always welcome to listen to essential talks on crucial matters from professional speakers as well as interacting with other people and integrating with the beautiful nature.

Grace Farm Foundation provides other special programs such as fishing and nature view through the long walking paths constructed across the farm. The farm offers different sceneries, especially during the season’s interchange such as the changes on the trees as they adapt to the seasons. Other unique activities by the foundation include restoring wastelands by planting and managing trees that attract some indigenous creatures at the same time maintaining a healthy environment around the farm.

The restored lands have been able to attract over 40 new species of birds from neighboring forests that cloud the air with their quick fluttering and chattering. Sharon Prince Grace Farms attributes their success to their main initiative, which is to preserve wildlife as a critical element in the farm’s natural beauty.

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