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Toyo Setal Practices

In 2012, Toyo Setal was founded when a Brazilian company SOG Oil and Gas and a Japanese company Toyo Setal Engineering Corporation formed the company. Both companies develop complex engineering projects in Brazil. The companies hold an equal interest in the company and use it to enhance their technologies.

The complex projects they have done for well-known clients include national and global markets. The goal of the cooperation is to create growth in the industry and the local economy. TSPI is now made up of Toyo Engineering, SOG Oil and Gas, Toyo Setal and EBR.

The companies created with the association has different roles. Toyo Setal is purely focused on industrial facilities onshore. It mainly works within the engineering, construction, commissioning and procurement industries. EBR is purely focused on offshore facilities for prospecting, exploration, production, treatment and transport of oil and gas. The industries that the company is active in are oil and gas, infrastructure, energy, mining, steel, chemistry, petrochemicals and fertilizers.

Toyo Setal can complete complex projects within the national and international levels do to the experience the company has. There are many services the company provides during its complex industrial facility projects. There are many aspects of a project from technical-economic feasibility studies to total investment cost, from a conceptual project to executive project and from enterprise management to staff training for maintenance and operation. They provide municipalities with respect, support and development of the local environment and community.

Toyo Setal has been a leading company in the Brazilian marketplace by handling the projects using top of the line software. To compete with the international and national competition, they have to keep innovating. Their newest innovation is called the EPC Portal and is used on all of their projects. The EPC Portal manages information by sorting all aspects of the projects within one platform. By limiting the time taken to find information and redoing work, it increases productivity. This allows for a reliable executive and management process.

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