The 3 Steps to Winning the ViSalus Challenge

Take Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge to achieve your health goals. What is this challenge and how does it transform your life? ViSalus 90-day challenge is the number one platform that gives you healthy lifestyle choices. This challenge has helped more than 3 million people transform their life.

Collectively, they have lost more than 10 million lbs weight. The company has served more than 1/2 billion meal replacements. It has given away products and prizes worth more than $100 million to the people across 15 countries. Its product range has been featured across all major media channels. You cannot go wrong when you participate in such a successful company’s challenge. It benefits not only you but others as well. Learn more how ViSalus makes it possible.

How does this challenge work? In the first step, you set a goal. In the next step, you select your favorite Vi kit. The third step involves your entry to win the prize. Whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain weight, get fit or just maintain a healthy body, ViSalus products are perfect for all such health and fitness purposes. Once you have set your health goal, your next step should be to check the products offered by this company. Check its Balance Kit, Shape Kit and Transformation Kit. The monthly delivery price for the Balance Kit is $49, $99 for the Shape Kit and $249 for the Transformation Kit.

You are free to build your own meal kit by mixing and matching the products that best suit your specific health goals. Select the right combination of products and get all those products delivered at your doorstep within a few days. If you maintain a monthly delivery order of minimum $125, you can save a lot more. Click Here to learn more.

You become eligible for free shipping and “3 for Free” offer. Your first month delivery order makes you eligible for Vi Prime Welcome Kit. On your second consecutive delivery, you will receive a product sample pack. On the third consecutive month delivery, you will receive a ViLIFE photo book. Visit This Page to learn more.

Take this challenge now or learn more. ViSalus operates out of Los Angeles, CA and Italy offices. It is deeply involved in various charitable works across the world. These works are possible due to the participation of its members from around the world.


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