The Academy of Art University’s Annual Art Show

Formerly known as the Academy of Art College, The Academy of Art University is a privately owned school based in San Francisco, California. The school was founded by Richard S. Stephens nearly seventy years ago. Today the university host nearly three hundred teachers and has more than 11,000 students. The Academy of Art University is the largest privately-owned art and design school in the entire United States.

Academy of Art students recently made headlines at the universities annual spring show. Each year the university invites students, alumni and industry leaders to explore the excellent work of university students. For these students their spring show is one of the few times in their career that people come to them. They spend the majority of their career going out into the world to chase down people.

The Annual Spring Show is truly the event of the year. The event showcases are in more than forty different areas. The student work remains on display for over a month. The Academy of Art’s graduating class is composed of a diverse group of people which include designers, architects, photographers, and even filmmakers. This event also provides an opportunity for professionals in the industry to meet with students and discuss their potential career paths. The show provides an excellent networking opportunity.

The Academy of Art’s Annual Spring show is an excellent meeting for those in the world of art. Students from all over the world come to this school because of the opportunity to learn from instructors who are very involved in the art industry. The Academy is not only known for providing an academic foundation, but it also provides hands-on opportunities that are need to be successful in the art industry. The school has open admissions and an admission acceptance rate of 100%. The University is committed to giving potential artists every opportunity to make a career in the world of art.

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