The Compatibility of Allied Wallet

Global online payment processing giant, Allied Wallet is constantly adding to payments to its many different platforms around the world. This is part of its mission to more fully connect customers to sellers. Its CEO Andy Khawaja also says that he wants to lead the company to encourage entrepreneurship and good economic health worldwide. Just last month it added several new payment options to its platforms in Norway. The Allied Wallet platform in that country is now compatible with BankAxess, Mobilepay, Paylevo, and Trustly.

Many Norway online shoppers prefer to do bank transfer payments, which is why BankAxess and Trustly are seen as being such great additions. Norwegian shoppers are also known for buying around 57% of the things it buys from outside of the country, mainly from the U.S., the U.K., and China. The country’s most popular online product purchases include clothing, home electronics, and books. For his outstanding leadership in this area, Allied Wallet´s founder, Khajawa,  has been awarded the “Financial Technology CEO of the Year” by Corporate Vision magazine.

Corporate Vision both featured him on the front of a recent magazine cover and interviewed him about the current state and future direction of Allied Wallet. He was very clear that Allied Wallet self-improvement process will never cease and that it will even be increasingly ambitious in the future (Youtube). 

Khawaja has been the recipient of an honorary doctorate degree. In 2016 in his native Bierut, Lebanon he was honored with a degree in Humane Letters. He lived there until he left to seek his fortune when he was only 15. He would eventually help to found Allied has become a multi-billion dollar company. And as it continues to expand, Khawaja makes absolutely sure it remains girded with the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

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