The Contribution of Isabel Dos Santos in Growing Africa’s Economy

Isabel Dos Santos is a renowned Angolan Investor who has earned global recognition as one of the most prosperous female entrepreneur and a business leader in Africa. Currently, she is the head of one of the largest telecommunication company in Angola known as Unitel. She possesses vast experience in infrastructural development, economic development, and execution of new and developing technologies.

Apart from her interests in the communication industry, Isabel Dos Santos has also invested in other sectors such as entertainment, finance construction, energy to mention a few. In 20 years, she has worked in top management positions in different companies such as banks, entertainment firms, and other large-scale retail organizations. From this, she has attained immense knowledge and experience in matters relating to the global economy and various means in which developing countries can create more economic opportunities, thus reducing poverty.

Isabel Dos Santos has also significantly contributed immensely in community development. She has committed both her financial support and her time towards the development of several projects in her community by mainly focusing on entrepreneurship. She has also produced various videos and other media platforms stressing the efforts of up-coming African Investors and initiatives they are making in developing the broader economy.

As a result of her contribution to economic development, Isabel Dos Santos is often asked to partake in various forums and other public speaking venues. For example, she was once invited to give a speech in the European Parliament in Brussels representing the ECR Africa Summit. During this forum, she strongly emphasized the importance of improving Africa’s digital infrastructure which was in line with her belief that one way of upgrading Africa’s wellness would be to provide them with opportunities that would allow them to make use of the internet thus enabling them to compete with the world big economies.

Through her work at Unitel, Isabel Dos Santos has dramatically assisted in shaping the firm’s system of operations via the firm’s belief in the power of growing technology. She raised this agenda during her speech at the European Parliament. She also emphasized the importance of investing in infrastructure across the Africa continent, and this can only be actualized if Africa gets to enjoy the high level of technology that other developed countries are using.

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