The Fagali Airport Has Come A Long Way!

The Fagali Airport closed its doors and reopened them multiple times. At one point, the airport served flights from Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Airlines, and the South Pacific Island Airways (ended in 1987). Now, the airport serves Samoa Airways (owned by Polynesian Airlines) and Talofa Airways. Search for available flights to/from Fagali at

The airport is owned and operated by the Samoa Airport Authority and Polynesian Airlines. It has been in business since July 1st, 2009, but things was not always like that. This public airport was founded in 1959, and even held an inauguration ceremony with the Samoan prime minister in 2016. The airport temporarily shut down in 2005, but reopen in 2009. Now, it is going stronger than ever before!

There are about 30 flights per week from Fagali to Pago Pago, Tongatapu, and the Faleolo International Airport. Most people seem to want to use this airport because it is more convenient to access than taking that 45-minute drive to Faleolo. Prices for a flight can range from $129 to $200 round-trip. Visit World Airport Codes to know more about Fagali.

Many visitors come to the Fagali area to enjoy the beautiful crystal clear ocean sloshing water at their feet on white sandy beaches surrounded by lush green forests with dancing palm-trees as the backdrop. Some of the water activities to enjoy include deep-sea fishing excursions and scuba diving along the coral reefs. See the aquatic sea life interact with each other to the highest degree while visiting the local villages for a real taste of Samoan culture, lifestyle, and cuisine. Moreover, there is a golf course right next to the airport. You can play there after departing.

The Fagali area is relatively safe for tourists. Crime is at a minimum. It is a place where the local tribespeople connect to their roots. They stay loyal to their value system. The Upolu Island is a real gem hidden away, but is getting explored more every year.

The Fagali has all the amenities that visitors will find useful, such as ground transportation, washroom, currency exchange, and a terminal. Moreover, it is accessible for flights from all over the world. What better place to explore and enjoy yourself than on Upolu Island?


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