The Great Career of Stratford Shields

Stratford Shields plays the role of a Managing Director at a Chicago based firm called Loop Capital Markets. He first worked at Ohio Office of Management and Budget before coming to Loop Capital Markets.

Typical Morning Routine

Stratford Shields starts his workday very early in the morning. He spends the better part of the morning in his office before workers arrive and work begins. He dedicates this time strategizing and thinking about the major clients he deals with. He focuses on coming up with special and inventive financing ideas he can bring to his clients and which they can be advantaged from. Through this, he is able to help clients using the solutions that worked for another one.

Habit to Enhance Productivity

A lot of reading is one of that habits that help Stratford Shield in sustaining his productivity. He is able to stay updated on current events through wide reading. It also helps to satisfy his curiosity on global trends as well as keeping up with his clients. He dedicates significant time to read numerous new sources as it helps to keep him creative and productive. He frequently checks on various web and online services that help him in being updated.

Advice to Young People

Stratford Shields advises young people to avoid listening to people with negativity and doubt. They should always have the courage to think outside the box and always research on better ways to deal with issues. The failure of one method should be a stepping-stone for getting more advanced methods of doing it. The most crucial thing is always to get up and continue working hard.

Staying Organized and Completing Tasks throughout the Day

Stratford Shields always pay great attention to everything that his clients need. Following the ideas that his clients bring up has helped him in maintaining focus and keeping track of better details. Consistent communication with his clients helps in completing all the set tasks.

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