The New Training in ClassDojo

ClassDojo has created the first mindfulness lessons to help teachers. These lessons are about fifteen minutes long that can help children cope with issues in the classroom. ClassDojo has given at least six of the fifteen minute mindful videos and questions.

These lessons will hopefully help students reduce their anxiety levels and feel empathy toward their peers. The mindful videos is teaching meditation techniques to help student relax and see what they need to work on. ClassDojo helps the teachers communicate with the parents and vice versa. So the videos can also help the parents with mindfulness lessons too. The steps that ClassDojo takes to help students are by building little communities and that these communities have access to the ideas to help improve educational experience.

The mindful videos help you relax and take a deep breaths to help you relax even more. This can also help with relationships and handling the burnout feeling. The ClassDojo titled these videos “Mindful moments, Mindful breathing, Focused feet, Mindful listening, Body scan and Mindful countdown.” ClassDojo has already found a way to help parents keep track of how their child is doing in school and now it has proved the teachers and parents with ways to help their child calm down.

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