The Past and Present Career of Aaron Lupuloff

In the modern world, education has become a hot topic issue across the country. There are students across all ages, backgrounds, and to the far reaches of the country who need a little push to be successful. Aaron Lupuloff is an individual who has devoted his entire career to the improvement of the education system, and the framework surrounding its function. He joined the professional job market upon completion of his degree in business administration from the University of Alabama in 1982. This provided the experience required for Aaron Lupuloff to bring a new approach to the education system. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Aaron Lupuloff discusses his modern day approach to this necessary industry.

According to, Aaron Lupuloff has been a proactive member of his community right from the beginning. He and his wife initially invested resources into the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. In this position he was able to give a trio of students the proper resources they needed to get a better education. In addition, Aaron Lupuloff actively collaborates with the Partners Against Domestic Violence, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and the Camp Twin Lakes organizations. In recent years he has created the Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence. He built the school from the ground up with its ability to give students the resources, aid, and atmosphere to achieve their maximum potential.

The origin of the facility came from the simple realization that he could make a difference. Aaron Lupuloff knew of over 18,000 students who needed a push to get their education pathway opened up. However, gathering and implementing good ideas is a lengthy process. In the interview, Lupuloff describes on several occasions how important communication has been for this venture. He spends time nearly each day working with individuals from all backgrounds. Then once a week, he will gather up his trusted team for a brainstorming session. Aaron Lupuloff recognizes that failure is an essential quality to long-term growth. There have countless ideas that were attempted, but did not succeed. The path to improving the education system is one that has many twists, and thus it always needs to be re-approached.

Aaron Lupuloff believes in the power of trial and error, as each school year brings new students with new backgrounds into his facility. The average day is spent working around the clock to keep the entire system moving as seamless as possible. He works on scholarship development, discovering new teaching techniques, and ensuring each aspect is devoted to the forward progress of the students. The most important lesson he has learned is focusing on the most challenged students first. Once the bottom is raised, then all the other student will push forward as well. He believes in the importance of transparency with how the facility allocates its funds.

The education system is a industry where an individual must have an unwavering passion for the job. The GCPS Foundation is built upon the idea of ensuring each child has the opportunity to grow into someone special.

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