Tim Ioannides considers his patients his main concern

Dr. Tim Ioannides has been in the skin care business for over fifteen years. He is a well-respected physician who founded Treasure Coast Dermatology. The facility specializes in medical rather than cosmetic skin treatments. Dr. Ioannides believes that the patient and their concerns come before anything else.

After graduating from the University Of Miami School Of Medicine, Tim Ioannides finished his residency at the Jackson Memorial Hospital. He quickly learned that caring for patients is the most important part of a physician’s job. It should be less about the paperwork and socializing with those that can help someone climb the career ladder.

Dr. Ioannides takes great pride in his staff and the way the team works for the same goal. The board-certified physician holds himself to high standards and makes sure that he sees every patient during their visits. It is that personal and committed relationship that keeps the community coming back to see him.

Treasure Coast Dermatology offers consultation and treatments for such things as,
Skin Cancers
Skin conditions of all sorts.

Dr. Ioannides not only oversees his medical facilities, but he has also been involved in the research for a skin cancer vaccine. He knows that skin care has advanced in many ways and there are still advances to be made in the future. These advances will benefit his patients for many generations to come.

Some may say that the physician is somewhat different since he rarely works on a computer or allows drug sales personnel to visit his offices. That way of thinking doesn’t bother Tim Ioannides, due to his number one concern is his patients.

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