Whitney Houston Biopic Anticipation

After a summer of rumors and gossip surrounding the Whitney Houston Lifetime Biopic and her family’s resentment towards the film, we now are finally getting a taste of what’s been cooking. Lifetime has finally released the first extended trailer of the movie and John Textor says the reviews are favorable. Director Angela Bassett and actress Yaya DaCosta do not disappoint in the portrayal of Whitney Houston and the trailer is leaving many breathless.

It’s no secret that many Whitney fans and family members were not pleased with the original news of the Whitney Houston movie including her daughter who was upset that she wasn’t considered in the casting for the role of her mother, but now with the trailer making rounds online many people are humming a new tune. Just last month Wendy Williams was heavily criticized for her part in the Aaliyah Lifetime biopic, leaving many wondering just how bad the Whitney movie would be.

Unlike the Aaliyah story, the Whitney Houston movie promises to go deep into the singers life and  addressing the romantic and sometimes toxic relationship Whitney had with her husband Bobby Brown as well as her struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

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  1. The movie will premiere January 17, on Lifetime and the world already has it’s popcorn ready. Today the internet’s rave reviews leave little doubt that this movie will be anything short of spectacular. It is the safest way for http://www.rushmyessays.org/ to have these things happen to them for quite a number of times.

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