About Matt Fleeger

Matthew H. Fleeger is the Director, President and the Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. He started Med Solutions, and he was the CEO and president. He knows marketing, sales, and finance and he also has a few years’ experiences in the gas and oil business. He was the president of Gulf Coast Western Inc. a family gas and oil and exploration business for five years.

He was also the assistant President of Kinlaw Oil Company based in Dallas Texas for three years. Note that Mr. Matthew has a lot of experience in joint ventures, merger procurements among others. He was also the chairman of Medsolutions Inc, and for two years, he was the director of Palm Beach Tan which is the biggest in indoor tanning in America. He has also been chosen as a member of International Business Professionals. He attended the Southern Methodist University, and he attained a bachelor’s degree in business in 1985.

Currently, Matthew Fleeger is a powerful individual in waste management, tanning industries and in gas and oil and he had to work hard to gain all the skills that have helped him to be where he is.

Matthew Fleeger’s father had established Gulf Coast Western, a prosperous oil and gas company, in 1970. This is where Matthew Fleeger gained his skills that everyone is looking for. He concentrated on marketing and finance as he pressed on to acquire a BA in business and the skills helped him a lot when he started his profession.

Matthew Fleeger founded MedSolutions, Inc., a company that focused on transporting, disposing of, and the management of medical wastes from hospitals and dispensaries. The company grew rapidly because of his great leadership over the next fifteen years, and he helped the company to become a local leader in healthcare waste management. Note that Matthew Fleeger was CEO, Chairman/Director, and President within a very short time. He helped the company to grow to greater heights, and he sold it for almost sixty million dollars, and this was proof that he was skillful and experienced. Matt Fleeger has also helped in starting two more businesses worth a hundred million dollars.

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