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A new workout for 39-year-old Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is 39, and she marked her birthday with various activities that made it the talk of the town. Her birthday celebrations were shared through her social media networks.

The videos, most of which were hilarious, elicited a lot of reactions from her followers who wanted to know more about the events that took place on that particular day.

And Rebel did not disappoint as she continued posting more videos thus keeping her fans busy and entertained all day. Here are some of the things that symbolized the day.

A new workout

The film star revealed that she was surprised when her friends introduced her to a new exercise called CATZERCIZE. It is a workout routine that she describes as the perfect way to get that hot summer body. In one of her Instagram posts, she urged her fans not to be lazy and try the new exercise in town.

Rebel Wilson is known for her love for, and that is the reason she still looks in shape even as she turns 39. With the dance being introduced on her birthday, there is no doubt that more fans will be seeking to try it out.

Cake making class

Apart from the exercises, Rebel Wilson was a student on her birthday. She was taught how to make milk cakes at one of the local institutions. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She seemed happy to have learnt a new skill, and that is the reason she was excited to share the news with her fans.

She posted online a thank you message to the people who had organized for the classes noting that it is always good to learn a new skill. She added that she had always wanted to know how to make cakes and so, this opportunity came in handy.

An upcoming movie

Rebel Wilson use her birthday celebrations to announce that she was hitting the stage for the production of an upcoming 2019 film called Cats.

She went ahead to post a picture of herself with the cast. She promised that the movie was going to be a hit. Considering the other productions that she has featured in such as “Isn’t It Romantic,” there is no doubt that her fans will be having a good time at the theatre once the movie is released. She promised to update them about the developments.

Born in Australia, Rebel Wilson moved to West Hollywood where she launched her film career. This happened after she graduated from university in her homeland.

She has been active on stage since 202 featuring in various films. She says that when she is not acting, she loves writing, singing, and producing multiple forms of art. Her 39th birthday comes at a time when her career is at its peak.

An Overview into Ryan Seacrest’s Life

Ryan Seacrest is a radio personality, television producer and host. He is 44 years old and currently resides in New York. Seacrest has a simple life as he goes about his daily operations. He usually wakes up at 6 o’clock to prepare for work. He then takes a car to work at around seven as this gives him some time to consume overnight news by watching television at that one hour and reading on the way.

Ryan Seacrest adopted some self-discipline where he only engages with other requests after half of the day. In the afternoon is when he undertakes long-term things. Seacrest commonly uses three words, “yes,” and “Got it,” to offer his reply to either verbal and by email.

Given that he has a busy week; Ryan Seacrest uses his weekend to enjoy life. Seacrest usually locks his phone to meditate and sometimes lock his phone during a trip.

Ryan Seacrest’s Professional Life

According to, he has had a successful experience in his career. Ryan Seacrest hosts a live radio broadcast at ABC studios in New York named ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest.’ The show is on air from 6 am to 10 am Pacific Time.

Seacrest is a co-host of ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ a show they air with Kelly Ripa. It is a permanent position he is holding since the announcement on May 1, 2017.

Ryan Seacrest featured in the favorite show ‘American Idol’ a Fox reality television series. He started as co-host in 2002 but later became the sole host the following year. Hosting the show made him become the highest paid reality show host after signing several deals related to the show.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Seacrest in 2010 launched a non-profit foundation called Ryan Seacrest Foundation. It contains nine centres at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta meant to help children. It is a philanthropic move that gained partnership with the Atlanta Braves.


Seacrest is not only a television and radio host but also take an interest in fashion. In 2014, he developed a collection of close-fitting suits and other clothing named Ryan Seacrest Distinction. In partnership with dermatologist Harold Lancer, Seacrest produces the men’s skincare line Polished.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) does so much in life.

Ryan Seacrest Is In The Process Of Evolving The Way That He Manages His Time

When Ryan Seacrest committed to Live With Kelly and Ryan he had to also make the commitment to move from Los Angeles to New York. This was a big change for the celebrity that is probably most well known for his work on the hit television sensation American Idol. Along with hosting the long-running and ultra-popular morning show, he is also hosting his syndicated radio show On Air With Ryan. He even has his own men’s clothing line Ryan Seacrest Distinction that he continues to be heavily involved in.

Ryan is starting to adjust to life in New York, which unlike L.A., known for its steady, predictable weather, requires him to check the weather forecast before heading out in the morning. His routine of physical fitness has become an ever increasingly critical part of his routine and Ryan now relies heavily on his trainer as well as his Peloton bike to help keep him fit and energized. Living on the Upper East Side of the city, he has about a seven-minute journey into work by car. More about his daily routine can be read on this article from The New York Times.

Ryan Seacrest has learned over his many years in business and the public eye as an entertainment figure that he can only do so much, try as he might to do everything. He has learned to manage his time much better over the years and to prioritize the many demands that are constantly made on him. For Ryan, it is really the afternoon when he gets going on these sorts of issues that are a part of his daily life. This is a big departure from his earlier career where he always thought that every issue had to be immediately addressed. Ryan has also developed the habit in recent years of locking his phone and simply stepping out of the world and into a meditative state. This is another strategy that is helping him balance his ever busy schedule.

Even though he is being more conscious than ever about how he manages his time, Ryan Seacrest is still as committed as ever to his children’s charity project The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation helps children that are in the hospital in their recovery process through its nine centers at major children’s hospitals located in various cities across the United States.

Instagram: @ryanseacrest

Alex Pall – Pushing Boundaries with The Chainsmokers

DJ and artist Alex Pall is a member of The Chainsmokers. He was interviewed by Mathias Rosenzweig. He’s asked about his background in music and the band’s goals. Mathias asks about band mate Andrew Taggart. Alex talks about how they met, and how they will continue to make their mark on the music scene.

Mathias asks Alex about his background, and how he got started in music. Alex explains that he started as a DJ performing gigs in New York City. It was just a hobby, but he wanted more. That’s where fellow DJ Andrew Taggart comes in. “ It was love at first sight,” Alex said.

Andrew was performing on the side. He drove from Maine to New York City, and met Alex Pall. They both had a similar vision. Change the electronic music scene. Four years later they’re still an ever-changing and unique duo.

Alex explains how they wanted their music to stand out. He didn’t want another shallow party song. It had to be personal. Examples like “ Waterbed Roses” and “Don’t let me down” are how The Chainsmokers blur lines between genres.

They talk about what it was like to work with Halsey on the song ” Closer ”. Alex explains how true she is to herself. ” Those are the types of artists we want to work with,” he said. Andrew added his own vocals to ” Closer “. Alex says it’s rare for groups to co-write, sing, and produce their work.

Alex is asked about demographics. They have a variety of fans. He claims this pushes their live shows. They keep pushing to create new experiences for the audience. They won’t be complacent. ” It’s very much that type of hustle right now,” he said. The Chainsmokers will stay on the forefront of the scene.

The Chainsmokers Have Everyone Addicted

2013 launched the careers of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, better known as The Chainsmokers, when they released a self-proclaimed “annoying ass record” #Selfie. While #Selfie hit the Top 20 on Billboard, peaking at number 16, it received mixed reviews. Still, it garnered much attention and the song hit the charts in several countries and the success, albeit unexpected, prompted the release of the band’s first EP Bouquet in 2015 with the leadoff single aptly called Roses.

The Chainsmokers continued to turn heads and garner attention putting out single after single and joining forces to collaborate with some of the biggest names on the music scene. There were projects with Daya, Swedish singer Charlee and the number one Platinum hit Closer with Halsey. They started selling out notable venues such as Red Rocks and winning awards including two American Music Awards.

Now five years later the EDM DJ duo are continuing to consistently put out hit singles and change the landscape of music. Only three months into 2018 The Chainsmokers have released two new singles starting with Sick Boy in January and Everybody Hates Me which dropped last week. The new songs take a darker view of life in the limelight, showing the frustration and anger towards the world at large from The Chainsmokers viewpoint.

Part of the appeal of The Chainsmokers is their ability to catapult their success across multiple musical genres including pop, hip-hop, and dance. It’s not surprising to note that the band takes inspiration from a variety of fellow musicians citing Blink 182, Taylor Swift and Taking Back Sunday as strong influences.

What comes next for Taggart and Pall? They want to continue pushing the envelope and creating new sounds. Settling has never been an option for them and multiple new singles are set to be launched this year. No matter what happens, you can bet that The Chainsmokers will continue to blaze new ground and set fire to what came before.