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The Kingston Springs Suite

I was reading an article in Rolling Stones online. I was excited to learn that Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson were back in country news. I was even more excited to find out that these great artist covered songs on this album as well. Johnny Cash recorded “Melva’s Wine.” Waylon Jennings recorded “Laid Back Country Picker.” This amazing album never made Nashville in the seventies. But thanks to some great people, it is now going to be heard by millions. Music makes life look beautiful. It says all the things that you want to say. It makes you believe everything’s going to be alright and it is great to hear music from yesteryear come alive again today. To inspire you and make you want to sing out loud and party all night is one of music’s gifts. Country music fans in New Brunswick thank all those who help keep great music like this alive. It is because of you that this music will live on and entertain people for generations to come.