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OSI Group: A new meat product

It’s a partnership that was needed as Impossible Foods meets the overwhelming demand for their plant-based burger. They continued to see issues with getting their meat to their suppliers as their production capacity continued to fill up. It was time for Impossible Foods to start looking for a distributor that could handle it all. Sheetal Shah, from Impossible, states that the business was a bit picky when looking for their distributor. They wanted to make a sound decision and land with an organization that knew a thing or two in the meat industry. That being said, they’ve partnered with the meat distribution conglomerate OSI Group.

OSI Group hails from Chicago where their main headquarters is located. They are famously known as the distributor for the popular hamburger chain, McDonalds. They’ve made a pledge to Impossible Foods to share their knowledge and help them meet a demand that continues to climb. With a more health conscious world, Impossible Foods has invented a product that has consumers wanting more. OSI Group will be right there as they’ve upgraded their equipment to take on the exciting product. Their spokesperson states they are thrilled to be working with such an innovative start-up company that has shaken up the market. To OSI Group from Chicago, it’s a precedent time in history.

Impossible Foods will also work with OSI to create even more plant-based products consumers can devour. They know they need a distributor that can bring them up to a production level that moves their product. The plant-based burger appeared early this year on the market. Shortly after, they joined forces with OSI to help with demand. The distributor is located in 17 countries and has 65 facilities moving other meat products. Impossible helps the organization stay on track with food that sustainable regarding production.

As of today, Impossible Foods reports it has tripled their production on a weekly basis. It’s the best so far as they catch up with the consumer need at various grocery and restaurants such as Burger King. They are the latest fast food giant to implement the plant-based meat for their whopper.

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The OSI Group to do the ‘Impossible’ and Manufacture Non-Meat Burgers

A significant number of consumers are moving away from the beef patties in their burgers to something made of plants. The search for an alternative comes from people who want to move away from consuming meat entirely and those concerned with the future of the environment. Impossible Foods has risen quickly to the top of this niche market, but in order to produce as much as the demand calls for they’ll have to rely on the OSI Group for help.

Otto Kolschowsky left Germany for Oak Park, Illinois. Along with his family, he started a small butcher business in 1909. Otto & Sons was a known quantity in the area by 1955, that’s how they came to the attention of McDonald’s. They remained the business’s sole meat supplier for decades, and as a result they grew into the international corporation known as the OSI Group.

Both companies are aware that consumers are apprehensive to change, but the Impossible Burger is doing something for the food industry and people are responding. There are a few reasons to explain popularity.

After debuting three years ago, the Impossible Burger was updated to meet several design standards. Firstly, this all plant Patty had to come close to looking, feeling, and tasting as though it were made of beef. They made that possible, making this product more appealing to people other than vegetarians and vegans.

Next, the Impossible Burger needed to be nutritious. Impossible Foods wanted to match the calorie count, fat content, and grams of protein found in a typical beef patty. What they round up with was a patty that had less fat, fewer calories, and much more protein. Compare the impossible Burger to a beef patty, the plant-based option is the more nutritious one.

Finally, there are environmental concerns. Processing livestock to get ground beef means spending 75% more water, occupying 95% more land, and producing 87% more carbon emissions than the Impossible Burger.

All of this accounts for a more ethical, nutritious, and ecologically sound alternative to what’s typically found at fast food restaurants.

So, how does the OSI Group factor into all of this?

Well Impossible Foods operates a pair of processing sites in California, they’re ambitious itinerary means they need more sites. The OSI Group will be there to assist in production, making sure their products are available in 17,000 restaurants in the coming months.

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Expansion of OSI Group operations

OSI Group is the largest food production company in the world and it is trying to make food production operations better by addressing the main concerns that the people have about food production. Food safety is clearly one of the main concerns that people have about food production. OSI Group has gone ahead to assure the people who are ready to consume their products that they will be consuming what is the highest quality products in the market. OSI is ready to transform to offer consumers, the best products that they could wish to consume,


OSI Group has in the past few years been trying to make the food industry, all over the world better than it has ever been. Through various expansion initiatives, it wants to ensure that every consumer around the world is getting their products. The expansion plans that the company is currently carrying out will ensure that the company performs much better than it has ever done in the past. In the past three decades, there are some steps that have been taken to spread the availability of OSI’s products in Europe. They include the acquisition of leading companies in the region and expansion of a production facility

Baho Food

OSI Group acquired Baho Food, a Dutch company with the aim of expanding its business operations in Europe. This partnership will help OSI to have an easier time establishing its product line in the region. It will use the channels that have already been developed by their partner to access the consumers. Baho Food will also benefit from the huge resources now available to them from OSI.

Flagship Europe

OSI also acquired this UK based food company to expand its presence in the region. Flagship Europe was later renamed Creative Foods Europe to depict the new changes introduced by OSI. Flagship Europe is a great addition to the operations of OSI Group since it will also provide OSI with a readily available market.

Expansion in Spain

OSI has also expanded a food production facility in Toledo, Spain, to increase the production of chicken products in the area. The plant-based in Toledo now has an extra 22,600 space for production operations.

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OSI Food Solutions: Global Giant in Food Processing

OSI Food Solutions has grown over the decades and carved out a niche for itself as the global leader in food processing. The company prides itself in being among the largest value-added food processors and suppliers globally. The company’s large market is reflected by it’s over 65 facilities in 17 nations and over 20,000 staff. The firm currently holds thecoveted position of the largest privately-owned companies in the United States.

Global Expansion and Acquisitions

OSI Food Solutions has recently been on a global expansion mission, with its main aim to enter hitherto unexploited markets. In doing so, they have partnered with numerous poultry processing facilities, warehouses, farms and processing plants. The company has committed itself to being the undisputed number one provider of food products to major branded organizations in Europe and North America. The company has also spread its tentacles to other countries such as China, India, the Philippines and Australia.

Beloware some of the companies that have been acquired by OSI Group between 2016-2017:

• Flagship Europe- the company specializes in the processing of frozen poultry, sauces and dressings and a variety of other foods.

• A Chicago-based food processing facility that also houses a warehouse

• Baho Food- a processor of convenience foods, snacks and deli meats based in the Netherlands

• The opening of GenOSI, a processing plant based in the Philippines

Foods Processed

OSI Food Solutions specializes in the processing of a wide array of meat-products. Some of the products range from:

• Beef processing- they include Salisbury steak, meatloaf, meatballs, beef steak and burgers.

• Pork processing- they range from flavored sausage,Genoa salami, precooked bacon strips, bacon bits, tablets, and roasted pork.

• Poultry processing- they include chicken meatballs and chicken nuggets

Founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky, OSI Food Solutions has grown exponentially to solidify its position as the global giant that it is today. Their wide range of food products is custom-made to suit the needs of anyone regardless of their culinary tastes. The company’s growth skyrocketed in the 1950s when it was selected by McDonald’s as its preferred meat supplier.

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Achievements of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is unquestionably one of the most established food products suppliers in the world today. The company, which was established in 1909 has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and boasts years of offering unmatched services to different companies both in the United States and beyond borders. Some of the notable companies that use the excellent services of OSI Food Group are Starbucks, Burger King McDonald’s, Yum, Subway, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s to mention a few.

Notably, OSI Food Solutions focuses on delivering fresh food products that are made to fit customers specification. For business, the company gives them a platform in which they can enhance their market base by providing them with world-class food products.

Since the beginning of the millennium, OSI Food Industies have been on a remarkable arc of growth. David McDonald has been with the company throughout the journey, having taken over its leadership in the late 1980’s, and over his three-decade dedication at OSI Group, he has remarkably risen from his very first job as the companies project manager to the position he holds currently as the Chief Operating Officer and the President.

In the current era, OSI Food Group is an international enterprise that has broadly diversified operations around the globe. This comprises more than 20,000 workers in their 65 facilities that are located in 17 countries. In the Forbes List of the year 2016 in regard to the largest private companies in the United States, the company’s net worth was estimated to be $6.1 billion, ranking it at number 58.

In preceding years, David McDonald has played a very crucial role in the significant expansion of OSI Food Solutions to China and the acquisition of the deli meat company Baho Foods. He also played an incredible role in the acquisition of Flagship Europe, which has since been renamed to Creative Foods Europe, an established provider of unparalleled bespoke products. The expansion of the company to China and the acquisitions gave OSI Group a better standing on the global market, which is quite beneficial to the company.

Further, under the leadership of the company’s CEO, Sheldon Lavin, OSI Food Solutions has achieved a lot in relation to food production sustainability. The effort to achieve this is built on OSI’s history of being able to embrace the rewards and challenges brought about by advanced technology. OSI Group is quite innovative, a factor that has seen it manage sustainable food production with minimal or no challenges.

OSI Food Solutions: The Worlds Most Ambitious Meat Packaging Company

OSI Food Solutions has an ambitious goal. Not only does the Ohio based meat packaging company want to be the biggest food company in the world (which isn’t a long shot as they are already on the Top 100 Food Companies list) they want to be the best-equipped food company in the world. What does it mean to be the best-equipped food company in the world? OSI Food Solutions has been revamping factories and adding some key features that are separating them from the competition.

When discussing factory upgrades, the first thing that comes to mind is production. Increasing production is always on the minds of large businesses, and OSI is no exception. In Toledo, Spain, OSI recently increased production by magnitudes. OSI’s Toledo factory already produced a staggering amount of chicken. At a rate of about 12,000 tons of chicken produced annually the factory was already a relative monster of chicken production. That wasn’t good enough for OSI. After recent upgrades, the capacity of the factory was doubled. The Toledo factory now produces a whopping — wait for it — 24,000 tons of chicken annually. Now that’s a production upgrade.

OSI Food Solutions wasn’t done at simply increasing production. The Toledo factory now has some state-of-the-art facilities as well. The upgrade saw employees get a massive new lounge area for downtime as well as some shiny new amenities to go along with it. The factory also added a new production kitchen for product creation and testing. This became a necessity as the OSI is growing so rapidly. The production also wasn’t limited to just chicken, the factory also increased the production of beef and pork products as well.

On domestic turf, OSI Food Solutions recently acquired a failing Tyson chicken plant in Chicago for $7.4 million. OSI, of course, saw the factory as a diamond in the rough. After a few months of labor, OSI added pork and beef products to the factories production capabilities. That’s not all. OSI also created another state-of-the-art employee lounge area and production kitchen here as well.

OSI Industries doesn’t play games when it comes to factory production. They are ramping up efforts worldwide to meet the growing meat demand. Not only that, they are making factories safer, more accessible, and more comfortable to employees. OSI is showing the world what it means to equip factories in the meat processing industry.

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OSI Group Purchases a Former Tyson Foods Plant

OSI Group has recently been in the news for buying a former Tyson Foods plant. The newly acquired plant is located in Chicago, Illinois near another OSI Group food plant in Geneva, Illinois. The company wants the plant to help the company continue to deliver high-quality food service to their customers. The acquisition of the food processing plant also help OSI Group increase its size. OSI Group is one of the biggest food processing companies in the food industry. They have food processing plants in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, California, and Utah. In addition to being one of the biggest food processing companies in the food industry, they are also one of the most well-respected food-processing companies in the food industry. They have a reputation for delivering high-quality food-processing services to food companies who sell and serve food products.

When the former Tyson Foods plant that OSI Group just purchased closed, a number of workers lost their jobs. OSI Group hired many of those workers to work at OSI Group. OSI Group is a company that tries to hire workers who want to work in the food industry. They try to hire workers who want to help OSI Group continue to provide high-quality food services. Those who are interested in working with OSI Group may be able to find employment information on the company’s website.

Many different kinds of foods are processed at OSI Group food plants. The company has a lot of experience processing pork products, beef products, poultry products, as well as different kinds of fruit and vegetables and also some snacks. The company processes bacon, hot dogs, sausages links and sausage patties, fish, baked snacks, meatballs, meatloaf, pizza products, and cookies. They process vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, and lettuce, and they process beef products such as beef burgers and beefsteak. The company also processes bacon bits, and bacon strips. Some of the poultry products that they process include breaded poultry, poultry strips, patties, and nuggets. Turkey products are also processed at OSI Group food-processing plants.

Buying the new food-processing plant has helped OSI Group become a larger company. In addition to helping the company increase its size, OSI Group intends the newly acquired food plant to help them continue to provide high-quality food services for their customers.

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OSI Food Solutions Investment Pays Off

Knowing when to invest and how to manage resources is crucial. Any company must be managed by those who understand exactly how to marshal the company’s resources. One such company is OSI Food Solutions. OSI Food Solutions is one of America’s best known and most respected food companies. As a top one hundred food company, officials here know exactly how to manage capital really well. They understand that capital management enables them to meet demands that can change from year to year. This is why officials have chosen to expand their operations in Spain. Spain is the new base of the company’s plans. They hope to help capture the expanding market for chicken products of all kinds in the Iberian peninsula. This market has shown definitive growth in just the last few years alone. Officials at the company have noted that consumption of chicken products has increased over five percent in the last few year. During this time, consumers in the region and companies that provide such products to clients have sought out ways to help offer the products that people want. The company has come to the realization that they can step into this area and meet such ongoing demand.

A New Plant

In recognition of this demand, those who run OSI Food Solutions have created a new plant. The new plant has many new features that are expected to help continue the company’s regional expansion plans into many parts of Europe. The factory has already helped by doubling the company’s output from twelve thousand tons in one year to twenty-four thousand the following year. The new factory in Toledo, Spain includes many new features that officials are confident will help further increase production and make the factory more efficient. The new factory from OSI Food Solutions will also add over a dozen jobs for locals, making it a much welcome addition to the region’s employment base. The new addition to the existing area factory is over twenty-two thousand feet and contains many separate areas for varied company tasks. Officials now have service areas that make quality control even easier as well as other parts of the factory such as shipping and receiving and lots of storage areas. The new addition is part of the reason that officials at OSI Food Solutions have met their company production goals and vastly increased the amount of chickens they process.

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What’s Next For Mega Food Provider OSI Group

OSI Group has put Aurora, Illinois, on the map. This exceptional food provider has conquered the game in every sense, and it only seems to be getting stronger with each day. OSI Group’s headquarters has moved around a bit throughout the years. At one point in time, the company was headquartered in Maywood, Illinois, and another one of its locations was in Oak Park, Illinois. What remains the same is that the company has always maintained its ethics and passion. OSI Group is also very accomplished to the highest degree. In 2016, the prominent British Safety Counsel awarded the company with the Globe of Honour Award thanks to its excellence in environmental management. CEO Sheldon Lavin was honored with the Globe Visionary Award. This award honors the true visionaries of the world. These spectacular individuals have personified their interests by making their dreams come true.

When it comes to expansion, few companies can match what OSI has done. This company keeps growing and growing thanks to its ability of making good acquisitions. OSI Group has added the Tyson Foods plant to its already stacked lineup. This plant is located in Chicago, it has over 200,000 square-feet of space, and it will definitely help to strengthen the company’s infrastructure because it is very close to other of the company’s facilities. This acquisition was purchased to the tune of $7.4 million. OSI Group has facilities at multiple locations in the United States such as in California, in Utah, in Wisconsin and in Iowa.

Great leadership is always a bonus in the work environment. CEO Sheldon Lavin has surely taken this company to a completely different level. As of now, OSI Group is firing on all cylinders. This mega food giant is on the fast-track to even more success and that’s a guaranteed fact.


OSI Group strategies to enable it to dominate the Global Food industry

OSI is an American based company with its headquarters in Aurora, III, which is a premier world supplier of custom value-added protein food products to the top food service and retailer brands. It is among one of the largest privately-owned food processing companies in the word.

To achieve their goals and work towards their vision, OSI looks for men and women who share their belief that every human being can make a difference because they believe that to be successful in future, they have to be able to bring forth the best and brightest available in the world.

According to the president of OSI group, OSI being a global company have a global network which involves people working in their different branches globally. They have not forgotten the local person since they also have local management teams which makes sure that the local cultures and tastes are observed. Among the items that OSI supplies are sausage links, beef patties, sandwiches, and pizza.

Though operating in more than seventeen countries, the company is implementing local strategies meant to expand its China presence, a state where it has had its operations for twenty years. They have focused on China because it is a country that has the largest growing consumer market in the world.

The company’s branch that is located in U.K was among the 18 global organizations that were awarded the prestigious ‘globe of honor’ in the year 2016 by the British Safety Council for their excellence in environmental management.

In addition, they won the Globe of honor in 2013 and 2015.OSI group has acquired Flagship Europe a supplier of protein products to the UK foodservice market. Flagship Europe has also been seen to intensify its operations in the food industry by acquiring Calder foods which is also a supplier company based in the U.K.OSI has also purchased Tyson Foods a plant that is located to Chicago. The company is supplied with beef by McDonalds and they have had a long-term relationship.

OSI is a company that does extensive market research, and therefore it understands sales, how to conduct market campaigns, how to plan and strategize and how to go about managing credits and their finances. OSI has three main competitors including Tyson Foods Inc., Cargill Meat Solutions Corp, and JBS S/A.On July 2016 it was ranked number 58 in Forbes largest private companies meaning that it is so good at what it does.

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