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How Angela Koch Came To Lead A World Renowned Precious Metals Company Even Without Previous Industry Experience

Texas native Angela Koch has done a tremendous job leading Austin, TX based precious metals dealer, US Money Reserve, one of the world’s most reputable leaders in its industry. While selling important commemorative coins and high value bullion to customers is the main part of the company’s business, Koch has wanted it to be known for more than that.

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Her way of leading the company is to give employees the opportunity to grow by going out on their own or working with peers to solve problems.

And to her, no one’s job is unimportant whether it’s in marketing, research and development, human resources, or sales. If experience has taught her one thing, it’s that passion to learn anything new can get you to a new place.

Angela Koch never actually got to finish the college degree program she had been interested in pursuing. She did take on other part time jobs, and even once she became a wife and mother she had to increase her income to put food on the table for her family.

The companies she worked for included a pharmacy, energy provider and an inspection controls high tech company, all of which she was able to do well at and take her skills to the next level with.

She also gained some leadership experience when she joined a Jewish foundation and helped organize things there. The experience she gained in these previous jobs helped her gain entry to US Money Reserve, and not long ago she was appointed CEO when the company decided she was the right person to lead it.

Just as Koch as lead a culture of diversity and encouraging employee growth, you can also bring diversity and growth to your financial portfolio if you decide to buy the physical gold or silver that US Money Reserve sells.

While it’s still important to keep any other assets you might have for future savings, physical gold can be important for times when the economy goes through recessions, or when you want a valuable but tangible asset that you can hold or sell when you feel the time is right. At US Money Reserve, you can browse through a large selection of gold and silver coins and bullion ranging anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in value.

Along with buying gold and silver for immediate possession, you could also enroll in the gold IRA program at US Money Reserve.

This program meets all the IRS regulations and will keep your precious metals safe in a highly secure depository until it’s time for you to access them.

The best way to get started buying gold or enrolling in the gold IRA program is to go to the US Money Reserve website and get your free gold kit to get started.

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You can also get free e-books in their resource library which give you useful insights about the gold market and wealth protection strategies. To find out about these resources, give US Money Reserve a call at 1-866-646-8465, or visit

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