Contributions of Nicolas Krafft to L’Oreal

In the 2018 annual fashion event staged by L’Oreal Paris, diversity in women’s beauty was the main agenda. Over the years, L’Oreal Paris has been at the forefront of empowering women through fashion. In 2018, L’Oreal was ranked top of the most gender-balanced companies in the world. With the help of Nicolas Krafft as the Vice President of Global Business Development, L’Oreal has achieved a wider global market which is constantly growing.

The event, held on September 30th brought in fashion enthusiast from all over the world as well as other famous guests outside the fashion industry. Staged at the heart of the French capital, the event involved a floating catwalk or river Seine. Also, the event brought together partner fashion brands of the L’Oreal Paris company who displayed different hairstyles, makeup looks, dressing as well as jewelry.

The success of such events is a show that L’Oreal is doing well in global business courtesy of Nicolas Krafft. With the vast experience in business, he gives the necessary leadership to navigate the Global cosmetics market.

Previously, Krafft had worked in different posts before he was appointed the Vice president of Global Business Development in 2014. In 2011, Krafft had been appointed to serve as the Deputy General Manager in Eastern Europe. Before that, he served as the General Manager, MARKETING director in Asia and the marketing Director for Kerastase.

Through his Twitter handle, Nicolas Krafft reveals that the L’Oreal business model is what keeps the company balanced. It is revealed that the company invests in both e-commerce and growth in travel-retail spaces to meet the needs of customers. According to the tweet on Krafft’s account, it is the responsibility of L’Oreal to ensure the consumers get the goods wherever they want to shop.

Also, Nicolas Krafft revealed that L’Oreal helps its brands with the identification of environmental and social causes then encourage them to take part in community development activities and raise awareness among their customers.

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